3 Reasons To Implement In-App Chat For Your Mobile App

Mobile app and game developers with paid or subscription revenue models increasingly find the need to provide a seamless and instant support experience. One of the easiest and most efficient solutions to this is setting up an in-app chat service. Here are three major reasons why it’s the best thing to do:

Uninterrupted user experience

When a customer needs help, most applications redirect them to an external link or sometimes even to a completely different platform. This interrupts the user’s experience with your app, leading to frustration and in some cases even forcing them to altogether quit your product. As a result, you might lose out on an active, potentially long term customer. In extreme cases, disappointed users might express their opinions publicly, driving other potential customers away.

With an in-app chat feature, your customers do not have to leave the app. It enables your customers to immediately raise any questions without navigating away from your app. This makes for an all-around seamless experience.

Reduced negative reviews

The lack of a great in-app support experience will force your customers to leave negative reviews on online app stores, deterring others from using your app.

Contrarily, most customers expect an immediate reply from customer service teams. With an in-app chat, you can respond to users in real-time. This drastically brings down the overall time taken to resolve a query. With more fulfilling customer interactions, you can increase the number of positive reviews on your app.

Increased conversion with instant gratification

This is possibly the biggest reason to start using an in-app chat feature if you aren’t already. A chat service acts as a medium to constantly interact with your users and ensure a healthy rapport. Consistently satisfying your users is one of the best ways to convert them into long term customers. This also builds your customer support team’s reputation among your user community.

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