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Adding Checks and Balances Before Closing a Ticket

It’s imperative to document a support ticket every step of the way. Proper documentation of a resolution is a must for future reference and to keep track of recurring issues. We’re sure you would have given your staff a checklist things to do before closing the ticket.

But, at times a support executive might miss to document an issue properly, say for instance, the version number of the software they are using or the model of the hardware. What to do in such a scenario? Try using custom fields!

We all know that custom fields can be used for collecting data from the customer when they are submitting a support request. HappyFox offers you custom fields to add to the list of things the support staff has to document before closing a ticket.

Creating a Mandatory Custom Field

Creating a Mandatory Custom Field

Custom fields can be created from the Ticket Fields section of the Manage tab. Add the name and nature of the field type and if need be, there is an option to make the field dependent on an existing field.

Message When Custom Fields aren't Filled

Message When Custom Fields aren’t Filled

After that’s done, select Yes from the Compulsory on completed drop down menu. Before saving the field, select the categories that needs to be covered.

The best part is, you can make these fields mandatory too. Without entering the requisite data, your staff won’t be able to close a ticket however hard they try!