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Auto Assign Tickets to Your Staff

HappyFox is an extremely flexible help desk. You can either hand pick staff members who are experts in their domain and assign them tickets or deploy smart rules to assign tickets in bulk when they meet the filters set by you. In a high ticket volume environment, these two options might not be the optimal choices.

The recently unveiled Auto Assignment feature, offers you a third alternative – assign tickets automatically to your team members as and when they are created. Right now, HappyFox supports auto assignment using the Round Robin methodology. Simply put, tickets are assigned one after another to staff members in the queue.

You can add an auto assignment set up per category and choose the staff that should be included in the automatic assignment. That’s why you’ll find the Add new auto assignment option under the Categories tab.

Creating an Auto Assignment

Creating an Auto Assignment

Multiple auto assignments can be created and you can deploy the one that you need at the moment. Do note that only tickets which are in the default status of the instance (say New or Open) and unassigned will be considered for automatic assignment.

Give auto assignment a go right away!