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Best Customer Service Articles of 2014 – Part II

Best Customer Service Articles of 2014

Last week, we listed six of some of the most diverse and interesting articles written on Customer service and engagement over the past year. Here we are with six more.

7. We start this week’s list with a podcast. I love podcasts especially because they are so suited to multi-tasking. In this one from The Social Media Examiner, John Dijulius, author of Secret Service: Hidden Systems That Deliver Unforgettable Customer Service explains to the author of this article the “importance of customer service and why the first experience counts.” With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades, Dijulius shares vital insights into what makes customer service great and how to provide quality online support.

8. This story is one of my favourite Amazon customer support stories ever and so it needs to be included here. Gladdening the hearts of all customer support evangelists, influencers and the world of Marvel (and Asgard), this support agent got himself in the Halls of Fame purely on the basis of this uber-cool exchange. Hilarity aside, you can see that the agent ticked all the right boxes. Empathy? Yes. Out of the box thinking? Yes. Humour? Double yes. Sorting out the client’s issues in rapid time? Yes. Exceeding client’s expectations? OH YES!

9. A picture speaks a 1000 words – true? Definitely and this nifty info graphic explains to you – in an easy to understand visual format -why it is so important to step away from wordy content ever so often and present information in the form of visual media to get your points across. Using three platforms, i.e. Youtube, Instagram and Vine, the author makes his point, backed with some impressive data.

10. Guardian Op-Eds are known for their ability to say it like they mean it. No idle chit-chat, no waffling, just getting straight to the point. And this article, in their signature style, shows the current state of customer service, calling it “Kafkaesqe”. As the author puts it, “Anger, frustration, and confusion: these are the emotions that come to mind when I think of settling a mobile phone bill or querying a bank charge”, a sentiment no doubt shared by many. Written specifically about the outsourced call centre culture, the article nonetheless makes a great reading for anyone connected to customer support and will leave them with plenty of food for thought. Lest you think it is a rant against the worker bees, fret not as the author actually lays the blame at the feet of the Big Corporations.

11. As everyone that has ever tried to complain about sub-par customer service via phone knows, it is a job rife with frustration and may well make you want to tear your hair out from the roots. The robotic monotone, the “Press 93 for the next level” invariably sets us on edge. Why do they do this when they have all our data already stored in their systems? In her article “The Missing Link: Human Connection“, the writer makes a great case of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) overhaul, by ditching the canned responses and making a “human connection” with the customer.

12. To round off the year’s list, here’s an article hot off the presses, on the 7 Customer Hacks that help you to all kinds of wonderful stuff. Supported by some excellent industry examples, the article goes on to list some easy to incorporate hacks that will work in any situation. Want to upsell without annoying your customer? There’s a hack for that. Want to know how to reduce your customer effort? There’s a hack for that. Acting on “Red flag” metrics? Yep, there’s one for that too.

So here’s our top 12 customer service articles. Did yours make it? Which articles made your list? Share with us.