8 Brilliant Infographics to Enable Your Customer Support Team

Visual resources like infographics make for a great way to grasp useful information and remember them in a format that is natural to your mind. It makes things extremely simple if a collage of infographics could guide your Customer Support team to remember some key facts and render great service to your customers.

To get you kickstarted with visual learning, we have pulled together a bunch of infographics from great orators around, with statistics and facts about how you can fine tune your customer support strategy for tomorrow.

1. Why do companies with great customer service succeed?

This infographic from Kissmetrics highlights some key facts that help you understand why it is important to align your customer support practices with user expectations. It also gives you a word of caution on how customers react if the service is not to their expectation.


Customer service infographics


2. What are companies doing to meet or exceed customer expectations?

Clickfox infographic below highlights the industries in which customer service plays a big role when consumers make buying decisions and what they do to meet customer expectations.


exceptional customer service infographics


3. 8 facts you need to know about Social Customer Service

The infographic made by CSinthecloud community tells you what kind of customers go to social media and the impact social media customer support has on your brand.

social customer service infographics

4. 10 steps to brilliant social customer service

If you know the importance of social customer service you would already be wondering how to be the best at it. This infographic from Sentiment metrics helps you with just that.

Infofraphic on the importance of social customer service

5. 25 skills for excellent customer service

Excellent Customer Service definitely warrants some key skills from your support staff and this infographic on alltop highlights the skills you need to excel at it.

skills for exceptional customer service infographics

6. Talk to me: Customers crave for personalized support in a social world

The infographic by five9 presents some facts on why customers are not yet completely moving away from calling agents for personalized service and how call center support can be improved.

Personalized Social Customer Service Infographics

7. Customers want, need and expect to Self-Service online

Customers want to serve themselves on their own time and leisure. This infographics just presents the opportunity out there about how many customers on a average are looking to self-serve themselves.

importance of self service infographics

8. The art of making your customers love you

One final visual on why the world of business is struggling to make their customer support the best and what a great customer service would look like.

customer service love infographics

Murali Satagopan

Customer service blogger, HappyFox enthusiast.