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Creating Personal and Category Specific Signatures

In HappyFox, we ensure that you don’t have to do redundant tasks. We try to automate as much of the workflow as possible with smart rules, canned actions among other features. It’s just not the bigger things that are taken care for you. We pay ample attention to tiny things like your signature as well.

A signature in HappyFox is a combination of your personal signature and the category specific signature. To update the personal signature, visit the Basic Info section of the My Settings page.

Creating a Signature

Creating a Signature

Your name, designation, a tagline or even a logo can be part of your signature. To add a logo the signature, upload it to a web server. Just copy, paste the URL and HappyFox will add it to all your responses.

In the same manner, category specific signatures can be updated from the Manage tab, under the Edit Category section of every category listed in the page. Do note that only those with the right permissions can perform this edit.

Make sure to separate multiple lines with the break tag and you are good to go!