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Effective Branding for Your Help desk

Making the help desk your own by customizing every single aspect of it is significant for effective branding. From company name to color scheme, HappyFox helps you tweak the help desk to your taste.

To ensure that there is uniformity in branding is maintained across the board, there now is the dedicated Branding section. This section can be accessed from the General Settings page under the Manage tab.

Branding Section

Branding Section

The Helpdesk application name and favicon are displayed on the tab bar of web browsers. So, add your company name and upload a logo for favicon. Images are automatically resized to 16px, but it’s recommended that you use a high resolution version for a sharper image.

Feel like adding a copyright notice and a link to your homepage? That’s what the footer section is for. HTML tags are supported to make your job easier.

Combine this with the multitude of customization options, you now have extensive control over the frontend of your helpdesk!