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Giving HappyFox a custom look and feel

We have a range of web apps in our portfolio, each one with a differing customer base spread across the world.

Customer Support plays a key role in the day to day operations of all our product teams and it’s a no brainer that we use individual HappyFox accounts internally to manage our incoming requests.

I personally spend a lot of time managing requests submitted to Tenmiles and DoAttend (our event registration app); this involves switching between two HappyFox accounts and, till recently, it often became difficult to identify which browser window related to the relevant HappyFox account, since the user interfaces are an exact replica of each other.

That was until we introduced the ability for account administrators to choose the preferred colour theme across HappyFox. Businesses can now brand HappyFox and give it a custom look and feel, in line with their corporate colours.

It’s made it all the more easier for me to switch between browser tabs and identify which account I’m using.

DoAttend’s Support has a vivid combination of red and black, which matches the product image.

Tenmiles’ Support has a bright coat of yellow, which has this light and ambient feeling to it.

To modify your HappyFox color theme, simply log into your account and head over to the General Settings Page. Colour theme selections would take effect across all staff panels and Support centers within your HappyFox account.

We’re quite keen to see what colour themes our customers come up with. If you have any creative combinations of colours, let us know!