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Help Desk Performance – Empowered

If you were wondering what was cooking in our HappyFox kitchen, well here’s the big news. We were strengthening the help desk architecture to improve overall help desk efficiency.

Help desk architecture is just some cool tech-savvy term. Let us tell you what’s in it for you in terms of help desk performance.


Simply put, a lot more HappyFox accounts for you to use. Go ahead, bring in more people and make your experience that much more livelier.


We have worked to increase database redundancy to ensure incessant data availability for you. Even if data is lost on one database, thanks to live replication, your data will still be available on another database so you can keep serving your customers.


To bring you a better product, we went about reducing some of the bottlenecks of our previous setup. The result of this is a better uptime in the unfortunate event of AWS availability zone issues.


If HappyFox is suddenly working like a supercharged lightning bolt, don’t be alarmed. We have restructured the redundant components to scale up the help desk efficiency. So now you will be able to see a considerable difference in the help desk performance.

The All new payment gateway

To simplify your help desk experience, there is a new billing and payment gateway integration put in place. We are now integrated with Chargify for handling billing, recurring payments and invoices. Add to that, the Braintree integration for credit card transactions and you now have your payment process simplified.