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Keeping Track of Deleted Tickets

A website without a 404 redirect is not in the best interest of your audience. For those asking, it’s an error page that shows up when a link is broken or dead.

Similarly, when there are multiple tickets in a help desk, some sort of heads up about deleted tickets will end up saving a lot of time for your staff. This is because, even when tickets are deleted from your HappyFox account, the email notifications sent out will still be pointing to the original URL of ticket.

A Deleted Ticket Log

A Deleted Ticket Log

We have got this covered for you. When someone tries to access a deleted ticket by following a link, now there is a brief log showing the key details about the ticket, a timestamp and the name of the staff who deleted it.

So, the next time you are looking for a ticket in the wild, if you don’t see the deleted ticket notification screen, rest assured, the ticket isn’t gone forever from the system!