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Make Your Replies Pop with Rich Text Formatting

Replying back to a customer promptly with a helpful solution is what good customer support is all about. It would make customer’s life a lot easier if the instructions and solutions are presented in a readable format. There are so many ways to make the content in the reply user friendly. Using simple language, linking to relevant knowledge base articles are some ways you could make replies more helpful.

Formatting the content by highlighting important tips and breaking down solutions into steps, are some sure fire ways to get the message across real quick. Your HappyFox instance comes with a rich text editor, which is well equipped to handle the above mentioned methods to set your content apart.

Rich Text Formatting

Rich Text Formatting

To start with, you can break the instructions into various steps using the bullets feature. Both numbered bullets for clearly marking the steps in an order and plain bullets to create a list of things necessary are at your disposal.

In addition to the standard bold, italic and underline options, you can adjust the font size and colors too. Talking about colors, HappyFox lets you highlight words and sentences with multiple colors as well.

You have the tools to help you make the content pop. But, be advised that using a mix of too many colors, fonts and font sizes in your replies might actually end up confusing or annoying the customer. So, don’t get carried away and make the content look like the text version of a double rainbow!