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Manage your customer support activities with HappyFox

We’re excited to announce the formal launch of HappyFox.

A week back, we rolled out the initial site and began offering pre-launch invites whilst we finalized the various monthly subscription plans that will be on offer.

Beginning today, HappyFox accounts are now available for sign up with a variety of plans on offer.

Free Plan

We know of a number of startups and businesses with small 2-member teams, where it just wasn’t economical for them to take on a customer support system with a paid subscription. The irony though, is that they inherently valued the benefits that a customer support software would offer them, as opposed to managing customer requests through email.

Customer Support is pivotal to any business and we’re here to make sure that no small business needs to compromise on this ever again.

Introducing, the FREE plan.

The HappyFox FREE plan is ideal for startups and small businesses, with 1-2 staff members managing and responding to support requests from customers. With 2 categories available, production mail boxes such as [email protected] can be linked to individual categories for incoming emails to be converted to tickets.

If you manage an online business, your website is bound to be the primary image to your customers. HappyFox’s seamless integration with your website allows your customers to easily submit their requests, via embeddable forms on any of your website’s pages.

This functionality, and more, is available on the HappyFox FREE plan. (Interested? Sign up right away!)

Paid Plans

For team sizes of 3 and above, we have a number of affordable and feature rich plans that are available for a monthly subscription.

Each HappyFox account has a Knowledge Base and self-service customer interface offered as standard features, allowing you to have a dedicated help desk available on the internet. What’s more, you can make use a custom domain to have your HappyFox account publicly available at a URL of your choice, such as support.yourcompany.com. Customers look up to such small, yet important aspects when judging the quality of support that they can expect to receive.

For a more in-depth look at the various features that each plan has to offer, as well as pricing for larger team sizes, please click here.

We’ve all heard the cliched “awesome customer support” tag lines that are so frequently advertised. But at the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding.

So get started with HappyFox now and experience how easy it is to manage your customer support services and guarantee Happy you, happy your customers