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Print Just What You Need

Having a hard copy of the support ticket in hand is of great help for support agents on the field. It helps them understand the issue better and to stay on top of the entire conversation thread to set the customer expectation right.

The print tickets feature has been around for a long time now and with the new updates in January, it has gotten better. Besides the ability to select and print multiple tickets in one go, you now have comprehensive control over what details from those tickets get printed.

Print Options

Print Options

After selecting the tickets you want to see on paper, you’ll be taken to the print details page. Using the navigation bar at the top, you can select/deselect all aspects of a conversation to print. Messages, forward notes, private notes, activity log – we have covered all the bases.

In case of printing multiple tickets at the same time, you can choose to print them in separate sheets of their own. Pretty thorough isn’t it? Give it a whirl and let us know how it works for you!