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Quick Tip: Attaching Files to Support Requests

A support process would be so incomplete with the absence of file attachments in support queries. Imagine a situation where the customer won’t be able to attach a screenshot or a bill to the support query. Scary, isn’t it? Well, with HappyFox, attaching files to support queries is simple and omnipresent.

Attaching Files from a Support Form

Attaching Files from a Support Form

File upload option is placed smack in the middle of the support form and it’s impossible for a customer raising a query to miss it. And it works just like the familiar email attachments!

Worried not all customers might use the support form embedded in a web page to raise tickets? Fret not! If a customer sends a mail directly to the support email address with an attachment, HappyFox grabs it without fail and attaches it promptly to the ticket!

Make sure your customers are also aware of the ways they could attach files!