Say Hello to the renewed Knowledge Base!

Before we go ahead and describe what is special about this revamped self-service portal and the Support Center, we would like to tell you why this revamp was done. And if you’re wondering what the ‘Support Center’ is, it is the first screen your customers will see when they open the HappyFox help desk on their browser.

A faster self-help

The new design was built with the focus primarily on the following things.

Clarity and readability

The layout has been constructed to make it easier to read your KB article. Considering your customers will be used to the blog-reading experience, we wanted to transform this to provide a similar feel to your knowledge base as well.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 3.57.21 AM

Quicker navigation

Navigation through the portal is going to be a walk in the park. We realized your customers might have been adapted to a categorized look on their mailboxes. To make things just as simple, we have put the section navigation right next to the article list for their ease of use.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 3.51.17 AM

A personalized and social self-help service

A header that reflects your website

Now you can personalize the header color to make it match the color of your website. It’s mighty simple. Login to HappyFox, go to Manage –> Settings –> Header color. Now pick the color you like and there you go. Your own personalized self-help center.

Share on social media

Your customers can now share the KB articles they read on social media like Twitter, facebook and Google+. As an advantage, you can also know which KB articles of yours are most used and most talked about.

Related articles for your reference

With this new support center, when you read a KB article, all articles that are related to the topic will be displayed below for your customers to navigate and learn more things faster.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 4.47.48 PM

The proactive knowledge base

Also, to completely reduce the workload of your support team, there is another new feature. When your customers click ‘Create new ticket’, the minute they choose the category of the issue, all related KB articles to that category will display next to the New ticket window, so your customers can refer to that and resolve their own issues and never have to reach out to your support team at all.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 5.14.28 PM

A comprehensive support center

Your opening screen is now called the Support center.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 3.39.39 AM

Option to not show KB articles on the customer panel

You can also use the ‘Allow customers to access KB without logging in’ option in your settings to decide whether you want the KB articles on your main customer panel.

If the above option is ticked, the customer panel will show your self-help articles and you can click ‘Login’ on the right top corner to log into your HappyFox account. In case it isn’t ticked, the main customer panel will automatically become your login page.


Further, there is now an option for your customers to provide feedback on whether they found the article useful.

Happier Customers

The outcome of this change for your self-help is

  • A more readable and clear interface
  • Quicker resolution of issues and lesser support intervention
  • An overall increase in the quality of support

To basically sum it up – Happier customers.

What next?

This design change is a building base for a lot more changes to come in the self-help portal to make your support process a lot smoother and simpler. Keep watching this space for more.