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Stay Productive With The Quick Ticket Bar

Conversation threads are a great way to stay on top of a support incident even after many months of its creation. Interspersed between the customer and staff messages are the activity logs that bring various ticket level actions on record. Naturally, over a period of time, a conversation thread might get lengthier.

Instead of having to scroll to the top of the ticket details page to assign, change priority, add tags and perform ticket level actions, we have introduced the quick ticket bar to help you out.

Quick Ticket Bar - Floating on Top of a Conversation

Quick Ticket Bar – Floating on Top of a Conversation

The quick ticket bar gives you immediate access to ticket level actions even when you are at the far end of a lengthy conversation thread. We didn’t just bring the actions bar wherever you go. The more actions menu is part of the quick ticket bar as well.

From ticket assignment to deletion, you now have every ticket level action at your disposal everywhere you go in the ticket details page!

Do try this feature out and share your thoughts!