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The new HappyFox. Because Practical is the new Simple

Don’t panic. You’re not on the wrong site. The old HappyFox just decided to shed some skin and don a brand new coat. Welcome to the new HappyFox. Our team has been constantly working to make HappyFox the most complete help desk software out there by making it faster and snazzier, and in turn also keeping it extremely simple and user-friendly. Now that HappyFox has become such a cool new product, why leave the poor website out of the party, we felt.

The site isn’t the only thing that’s new. We have a new logo too.  We realized that every brand needs an identity. That cool fox you see, that’s ours.  That fox has only agenda; to put a smile on all our customers’ faces, and yours as well, if you’d join us.

happyfox logo (low res)

The primary attribute of any help desk software is that it should fit your needs. It shouldn’t do too less and be incompetent, or do too much to make things difficult. It has to be; yes, you said it right. Practical. That is exactly what the new HappyFox intends to be. Suiting your exact needs; no more, no less.

Why the new site though, you might wonder. HappyFox had its customer base grow 34 times while the team size doubled. It has customers in 32 countries (85+ considering our retired freemium plan) and also got incorporated in the United States. That is normal. But all of this happened in a span of just 14 months. That’s why it’s fantastic.

With larger revenues, new customers and a lot more categories of content, the website has been revamped to show you what HappyFox is today.

Pricing and Sign-ups

Some sites ask for your entire life history on a form before letting you sign up. We wanted to give you the HappyFox experience with no hassles. So, all we ask is the bare minimum information, and you’re good to sign up and start using HappyFox.

We also removed our bundled pricing and made it per-agent pricing. Apart from that, you get the added advantage of being wallet-happy taking our annual pack over the monthly pack. We’ve added new features, and considering our competition’s prices, our features come as a dream package.

The steam behind the gleam

Behind our gleaming new look, lies a lot of great architecture that has gone into the making of our software. What the new HappyFox boasts of is

◦       More redundancy than before

◦       Better uptime

◦       Faster roadmap delivery

◦       Overall upgraded infrastructure

You, as our customers of HappyFox, mean the world to us and we are constantly working in these directions to make your ticketing process seamless and smooth, and to give you what we call, the complete HappyFox experience.

This is a great milestone for us, and we have built a wonderful growth map for the future. All we ask of you is to let us be by your side in making your business the best there is. Help us help you redefine customer satisfaction, the HappyFox way.