Never Miss a Conversation: RingCentral + HappyFox

Providing consistent omnichannel support (mail, social media, chat, phone etc.,) is essential today. Customers demand on-par quality of support irrespective of the medium they reach out to you on. As your organization grows, you may find that the same customer support executive has to reply to mail queries, comment on Facebook posts, attend phone calls and so on. It can often be frustrating for them to switch between multiple tools as the volume of customer queries increases. HappyFox is already primed for such use-cases and acts as a one-stop solution for your multi-channel support needs. An excellent new addition to this portfolio is the RingCentral for HappyFox integration! RingCentral + HappyFox: Attend Calls Without Leaving Your HelpDesk RingCentral is a leading provider of cloud unified communication and collaboration solutions. By integrating RingCentral telephony solution with HappyFox, your support executives can now accept incoming calls and make outgoing calls – all … Continue reading Never Miss a Conversation: RingCentral + HappyFox