Never Miss a Conversation: RingCentral + HappyFox

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

Providing consistent omnichannel support (mail, social media, chat, phone etc.,) is essential today. Customers demand on-par quality of support irrespective of the medium they reach out to you on. As your organization grows, you may find that the same customer support executive has to reply to mail queries, comment on Facebook posts, attend phone calls and so on. It can often be frustrating for them to switch between multiple tools as the volume of customer queries increases. HappyFox is already primed for such use-cases and acts as a one-stop solution for your multi-channel support needs. An excellent new addition to this portfolio is the RingCentral for HappyFox integration!

RingCentral + HappyFox: Attend Calls Without Leaving Your HelpDesk

RingCentral is a leading provider of cloud unified communication and collaboration solutions. By integrating RingCentral telephony solution with HappyFox, your support executives can now accept incoming calls and make outgoing calls – all without leaving the helpdesk!

As an administrator, you can choose the RingCentral users who should have access to the integration. This is particularly useful if your RingCentral account consists of users from various verticals like sales, marketing, and support; you can grant access to the integration to specific users.

But, I am pretty sure you must be wondering how the integration really helps your agents. So, let’s look at what happens when a customer dials your RingCentral number.

Incoming call - workflow

As you can see from the diagram, the workflow is pretty simple. An incoming call notifies the support executive via the phone toolbar that appears at the top. The user can either choose to accept the incoming call or ignore it. The integration is smart – it identifies the caller by looking at your HappyFox contact database and displays all the pending tickets. If a customer is calling you the first-time, you have the option to either:

  1. Associate the phone number to an existing HappyFox contact
  2. Create a new HappyFox contact using the caller’s details

The entire experience is seamless. The phone toolbar that appears while attending/making calls is non-intrusive and does not affect the ticketing interface at all.

Track Phone Interactions via Tickets

What’s really nifty about this integration is that you can associate incoming calls to new/existing tickets. Wait! That’s not it! The associated ticket will be updated with the recording of the conversation once the call ends. Additionally, can easily jot down notes or gather specific information about the customer’s issue directly on the ticket – even as you speak to the customer. No more worries about forgotten calls and misplaced notes.

Incoming call in HappyFox

What happens when you are in the middle of drafting a lengthy response to your customer when you receive a call? Fret not. As mentioned earlier, the phone-toolbar that appears at the top does not interfere with the ticketing interface. You can finish sending out that lengthy response even as you speak to the customer. Alternatively, with the HappyFox draft auto-save feature, you can always get back to the ticket at a later time. No more switching tabs or switching applications. Consequently, lesser interruptions, and more efficient customer service. Worried about the calls that you’ve missed? We’ve got that covered too! Missed calls to the integrated numbers also create tickets with the voicemail recordings attached.

Outgoing calls from HappyFox work pretty much the same way. You can use the handy dialer on the top-pane to

  • search for existing HappyFox contacts to dial
  • manually dial any number of your choice

If you are already on a ticket, just click on the contact’s phone number to pre-populate the dialer. You can also associate an outgoing call with an existing ticket or create a new ticket for follow-up. The call recording for the outgoing call will be automatically attached to the associated ticket once the call ends.

Outgoing Call - RingCentral

By ensuring that your entire multi-channel support is driven via tickets, HappyFox acts as a centralized platform that helps you monitor, refine and automate your support activities. Integrate RingCentral with HappyFox and lend voice to your support!

Learn more about how RingCentral and HappyFox can improve your support efficiency by attending this webinar!