Auto-Assign Tickets: Streamline Your Ticket Allocation

Last Updated: April 23, 2023

Troubled by a growing backlog of tickets? Finding it difficult to assign tickets during inflow spikes?

In a customer service and support environment, especially on one of those busy days, digging through an ever-growing pile of tickets and rerouting tickets to the right agents can be extremely cumbersome and time-consuming. If you a have multi-tiered support system, this process gets even more complicated. Ideally, you would want to assign generic tickets to Level-1 agents in a balanced way and conditionally route high-priority/escalated tickets to specialised Level-2 agents.

The future of automation is now. Why let your staff do this tedious task when they can better spend their time engaging customers? Read more to find out how HappyFox can help resolve your woes!

Auto-Assignment Magnifies Efficiency

A really cool feature of HappyFox is that it allows you to define assignment rules for each category! Yup – Category based auto-assignment. This feature ensures that every time someone creates a new ticket in HappyFox or moves a ticket to “New” status, it is automatically assigned to one of your staff. No more sifting through the ticket backlog and manually assigning tickets!

Auto-assignment in HappyFox comes in two variants:

  • Round Robin – Simply assigns tickets to all participating agents in a round-robin fashion.
  • Based on Active Staff – “New” tickets are evenly assigned to all available agents. Ticket routing/distribution is always done in a balanced manner.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 4.50.39 PM

Auto-assignment based on active-staff: An example

Tailoring Assignment to Your Needs

Auto-assignment is a very nifty feature to say the least. Now, what if I told you that you can even have rule-based assignments in HappyFox? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Let us look at  some sample use-cases:

  • You want all high-priority tickets raised against a specific category “Sales Enquiry” and from contact “Acme Corp” to be assigned to senior support staff “Victor Sullivan”.
  • If your agent is raising a ticket on-behalf of a customer, automatically assign it to him/her.
  • Dynamically assign tickets to the first agent who replies to the customer.
  • Dynamically assign tickets to the last agent who replies to the customer’s query.

You guessed right! HappyFox allows you to achieve this (and more) using its robust Smart Rule automation mechanism.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 5.07.11 PM

Auto-assignment based on active-staff: An example

Speedy Responses and Speedy Resolutions

HappyFox even allows you to combine rule-based assignment and auto-assignment to ensure that any ticket that lands in your help-desk is automatically assigned to the right agent. There have been numerous customer studies that link higher CSAT scores with not just speedy resolutions, but also with speedy responses. With auto-assignment, HappyFox can help your customers get the right response at the right time leading to better customer satisfaction and retention!