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Editing Ticket Prefixes

It is impossible go on with a support process without unique ticket numbers. HappyFox automatically generates ticket numbers with a distinct prefix for each category. Eventhough they are auto generated, the prefixes aren’t set in stone. You can edit it whenever you feel like it from the Manage section of your account.

Editing a Ticket Prefix

Editing a Ticket Prefix

To edit an existing prefix, hover to the right of the respective category name and click on Edit. Update the Prefix field with the new prefix and save it. The prefix can have a minimum of 2 characters and maximum of 7 characters.

When you edit a prefix, the prefixes of all previously created tickets in the category are changed as well. If customers ping you with an old ticket number from the same category, it might be confusing for the staff to make a connection. So, make sure you change the prefixes only when there is a pressing reason!