Top 7 HappyFox Features to Step Up Your IT Support Game

Last Updated: April 20, 2023

An IT help desk is a single point of contact for users to raise their technical issues. Using your help desk, you can track, categorize, manage, and resolve all these issues in one place. 

HappyFox Help Desk for IT support is designed to cater to every IT management scenario and provide complete control over your internal issues. We have listed our 7 topmost features to help you step up your IT support game. 

1. Track IT Incidents with an Efficient Ticketing System

Just like your customers, your IT users may reach you via various channels of engagement — email, API, ticket forms, phone, chat, and mobile device. It takes an effective omnichannel approach to provide the same quality of support in all these channels and also connect the user experiences throughout the issue lifecycle. HappyFox ticketing system enables tickets to be grouped into categories like service requests, incident management, or outages and also assign status and priorities. With complete visibility over the ticket pipeline, your help desk technicians can avoid stepping on each other’s toes and manage troubleshooting with ease. 

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Track IT Incidents with an Efficient Ticketing System

2. Drive Data-backed Decisions With Help Desk Reports

Resolutions are not just about going from A to B. How can you go faster to B? Do you have any obstacles slowing you down? How to guide any improvement decision? Here’s where help desk reporting helps you. Successful businesses always put a premium on analyzing and improving performance. Reporting on metrics like first call resolution rates, average response time, and time to closure offers you great improvement opportunities. The vivid and easy-to-understand HappyFox Business Intelligence lets you drill deeper into your ticket properties. You can use dashboards and reports to:

  • Analyze the ticket inflow to match peak hours and agent availability
  • Generate agent activity reports to substantiate ticket participation 
  • Visualize incoming tickets by their source channel
  • Boost your overall operations with performance aggregates over time
Drive Data-backed Decisions With Help Desk Reporting

A HappyFox customer had difficulty with complex reporting processes that needed immense manual effort. The introduction to HappyFox changed their reporting process:

“Since switching to HappyFox Business Intelligence, our managers and administrators enjoy the agile reporting widgets and overnight reporting.”

3. Monitor and Manage Help Desk Performance with SLAs

Service level agreements (SLAs) help you ensure timely and smooth IT operations. It defines the standard of service your vendor has to oblige to and states how to remedy any breaches. When IT operations are at fault, your teams either can’t function properly or will be limited in their capabilities. SLA reports can help you navigate through potential escalations by constantly reporting on performance against targets. You can get automatically generated reports on real-time data, giving your IT professionals further control over potential issues. 

4. Enable IT Users to Self-serve Themselves

It helps to give your employees full control over their IT issues, too. Employees working in shifts or after business hours shouldn’t have to wait until the next day for answers. A self-service portal, which is a repository of FAQs and knowledge base articles, will help users resolve repetitive issues on their own. A majority of tickets IT teams receive are tier-1 or tier-2, and deflecting these tickets will take a huge load of weight off your help desk support team. HappyFox help desk services also offer the capabilities to build a mobile-responsive technical support center to cater to the self-serving needs of end-users. 

5. Automate Repetitive Support Actions With Workflows

Propelling your business forward in a hyper-competitive market doesn’t require rocket science — but the ability to drive maximum benefits with minimum inputs while maintaining quality. Automation workflows help you reduce the burden of manual and repetitive tasks with scenario-based rules. You can configure the rules once and simplify and streamline complex business processes every single time.

Automate IT Onboarding With HappyFox Workflows

HappyFox Workflows is a no-code, drag-and-drop workflow builder which makes automation simple for you.

Stop chaos. Automate ticket management with IT process automation.

6. Streamline and Unify Processes With Integrations

Most businesses operate with third-party service providers and applications for improved capabilities and productivity. Based on how seamlessly they interact with each other, you will get results. The host platform, your help desk system, should be flexible to let you model these integrations easily. HappyFox Help Desk allows numerous beneficial integrations such as with Jira to double up the ticketing system as a bug tracking system, with GitHub to improve collaboration between the support and dev teams, and PagerDuty to manage incident management with HappyFox tickets. There are more.

Maximize performance with integrations

Integration helps you maximize your help desk performance with relevant tools and applications. Get started with HappyFox Help Desk integrations

7. Manage Software and Hardware Assets in One Place

Asset management is a crucial part of IT operations. It refers to the governance and management of issues that arise from the utilization of certain assets by your IT users. The IT service desk would offer you a complete audit trail of tickets associated with assets by tracking and managing them in one interface. You can import all your hardware and software assets in your IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) into HappyFox and link them to tickets for easy access. 

Manage Software and Hardware Assets in One Place with Asset Management

Step up IT Support With HappyFox

HappyFox Help Desk offers an extensive suite of IT service management (ITSM) solutions you need to maximize your tech support efforts. Whether you are looking for a simple, intuitive system to manage your IT operations or an advanced, all-in-one solution to upgrade your IT infrastructure, HappyFox Help Desk software can help. Book a demo with our product expert to discuss your business needs and pricing.