5 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Live Chat With BigCommerce

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

BigCommerce is a top e-commerce platform that is widely used by businesses to build e-commerce stores and sell their products online. However, there are some common challenges that online store owners face:

How to reduce cart abandonment rates? How to provide a great customer experience? How to ensure customer loyalty and increase referrals? 

A one-stop solution to all these challenges is Live Chat. Your website is just a google search away but live chat can help you engage the visitors and convert them to buyers. A friendly chat box offers instant support from a real person, which feels more like a brick and mortar store experience than just having a phone number or a contact form. 

According to a research from Forrester, customers who engage in a live chat conversation with a business are 2.8x more likely to purchase a product. Here’s a blog post on top 10 live chat softwares that can guide you to choose the best live chat for your store.

This post talks about five benefits of integrating live chat with your BigCommerce store.

1. Context Based Information

When you have a live chat solution integrated with your BigCommerce website, your agents can get behind the scenes information like customer’s past orders and page visits right within the chat window.

For example, when a customer comes with a payment query and you see that they’ve already placed the item in their shopping cart, you know they are likely to purchase if you help them through the final steps of the process.

2. Sell more Churn less.

One of the things that people love in “traditional” stores is the store assistant. Traditional stores have the advantage of being able to answer basic questions before expecting customers to make a purchase.

Having a Live Chat system for your online business enables you to do just that: answer questions for potential customers to turn their visits into sales. Let’s take an example to understand this better:

[Visitor clicks the chat widget]

Visitor: How much is the shipping?

[Your agent can see the specific product page the website visitor is viewing as well as their geographical location.]

Agent: Shipping is free in the United States. You’re in California, right? Shipping will be free when you go through the checkout process. 

Thanks! Replies the visitor—and purchases the product in the next few minutes.

3. Respond in Seconds

In a study conducted by Econsultancy, it was found that out of all the live chat users, 79% said they love live chat because they get their questions answered quickly. Faster response time and real-time support are the USP of live chat.

How is it fast? Live chat offers various features like canned responses, shortcodes, transfer chat, chatbots, screen sharing via integrations, and many more.

4. Customer Satisfaction

The best gift for a store owner is to see a satisfied customer. Live chat helps you get the rating from a customer right after a conversation has ended. You can also analyze the ratings over a while and improve your customer support. Live chat opens the door for great customer experience and hence builds customer loyalty.

5. Measure and Improve

Management thinker Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying that “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Getting success with live chat integration also requires monitoring your customer data.  

How many chats happened over a month? Who was the top-performing support agent? What was the average response time for each agent?

Live chat helps you answer all these queries with the reporting and dashboards feature.

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