10 Best Companies in Customer Service & What You Can Learn From Them

Customer service ratings are at an all time low and every week is bringing up customer service stories that keep getting worse, like the Comcast firing story, the decline of fast food customer service and most importantly the United Airlines ‘Dear Human’ debacle.

Despite these trends, there are some companies that have consistently stood out for their excellent customer service.

Zogby Analytics, along with Wall Street 24×7, did their annual survey of America’s top 10 companies for excellent customer service. The survey churned out some usual names along with some mild surprises.

Top 10 Companies Known For Good Customer Service Companies

10. Apple

Apple is the brainchild of the man who epitomized excellent customer service, Steve Jobs. Continuing his legacy, Tim Cook is leaving no stone unturned to ensure his customers remain loyal. Apple went to the extent of opening a personalized support portal where you can view every Apple product you have ever bought and receive support for the same.

9. Hewlett Packard

Even though there has been heavy competition from other smaller players and with a lot of their products being termed ‘overpriced’, HP has managed to keep their excellent customer service tag. Over 36% of respondents loved HP’s customer service and preferred HP to their competitors solely because of their after-sales service. [Tweet “America’s Top 10 for Excellent Customer Service #custserv”]

8. Sony

Sony has played by its greatest strength – volume. By having a large number of customer support centers and by building a strong self-service portal, Sony has continued to be one of the best in terms of customer service. Unfazed by the dip in sales, they maintain their stronghold in the top 10 list of excellent customer service.

7. UPS

[pullquote]UPS does not deliver as many parcels as FedEx, but where they do deliver is in customer service[/pullquote]UPS does not deliver as many parcels as FedEx, but where they do deliver is in customer service. More than 80% of respondents say that UPS customer service is top notch, which is another reason why they have been in the customer service hall of fame for 4 years in a row.

6. Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has the unique distinction of playing to the community. They take inputs from local customers, stock items that they request and make the shopping experience quite pleasing. Another company which commonly features for excellent customer service is Publix. Read here to know why.

5. American Express

There have been the odd stories of poor customer service, but overall AmEx have remained the best credit card company in the US. By including mobile gift cards, Facebook alerts for accounts and increased benefits, AmEx have seized their top 5 spot with pride.

4. Chick-fil-A

The reason Chick-fil-A is the only restaurant in this entire list is that fast food industry is a very difficult one to work in. Chick-fil-A took a conscious decision to focus on providing quality, kept their kitchens transparent and ensured that their customers left with a smile. No wonder 40% of respondents called their customer service “excellent”!

3. Marriott International

By aggressively training their frontline customer care associations and teaching them to put customers above all, Marriott has made sure that hospitality becomes their byword. Customers around the world still flock to Marriott for their great hospitality and excellent customer service.

2. Hilton Worldwide

Another hotel major features in this year’s hall of fame and Hilton does so with finesse. One step into the hotel and we understand why. Every staff member warmly acknowledges you, the hotel services are round the clock, they readily to admit to mistakes and instantly  rectify and provide compensatory  benefits.

1. Amazon

[pullquote]Free shipping, automatic refunds, price guarantees – Amazon is the king of the customer service world.[/pullquote]This is a no brainer. Every customer service rating manual on Earth has an Amazon case study in it. According to Forbes, Amazon shoppers say

“They listen and they fix every problem on the side of the customer whether the purchase was made through them or a third party. They have the BEST customer service of ANY company, PERIOD.”

There is not much else required here to elaborate on Amazon’s excellent customer service. Free shipping, automatic refunds, price guarantees – Amazon is the king of the customer service world.

Companies around the world are constantly reinventing their customer service models to ensure their business is identified more by the service they provide rather than the products they make. If every company strived to deliver customer service with the intention of wanting to be in this elite list, it would would pave the way for some great customer experiences.

Murali Satagopan

Customer service blogger, HappyFox enthusiast.