5 Customer service tips for the perfect travel experience

Last Updated: April 4, 2021

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Travel providers are struggling, thanks to disturbing economic downturns, poor weather conditions and changing trends amongst travelers these days. Yet, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC) economic research, in 2012, currently one of out of every 11 jobs in the world is now supported by Travel and Tourism.

This could mean only one thing. There are a range of factors affecting travel and tourism, yet people are willing to travel, provided their travel experience is one to remember. But provided good experiences does not happen out of thin air. So, here are five quick tips for you to deliver an unmatched travel experience.

1. Customers should always find you reachable

As a travel enterprise, you should enable multiple communication channels for your customers to reach out to you round the clock. You also need to respond to them quickly and also give suitable replies that resolve their issues.

2. Customers need access to information

Customers are always looking for information about the trips they want to take, and if this isn’t available, they are always going to look for other competitors who do provide this information. So it becomes your duty to make this information easily available to your customers, on the move.

3. Customers expect you to remember them

If a customer takes one trip with you, your relationship with him/her does not end there. You need to go out of your way to communicate with the customer constantly, remember his preferences when he comes to you again, and make sure you provide a similar or a better travel experience and gain sustainability.

4. Customers never have time

That goes without saying. Life is always a mad rush, and especially during trips, your customers want everything provided to them, and all their questions answered immediately. They cannot be made to wait, because a little frustration could lead to a lot of revenue loss for your company.

5. Customers love discounts

With a very fickle customer base, the easiest way to keep them coming back to you, is to run discount campaigns. Capitalize on the holiday season, promote campaigns by providing attractive discounts and also ensure that they love you as a travel provider, every inch of their way. Take a look at some of the most innovative travel campaigns.

HappyFox for your customer service

The HappyFox travel desk is the perfect partner for providing the above mentioned travel experience. By creating tickets out of your customer mails, bringing in live chat (via Olark integration) and call recordings from your voice calls (with the Twilio integration), HappyFox makes all communication channels available to you.

Use the HappyFox Knowledge base and FAQ to make all critical information easily available to your customers. Personalize the experience by using HappyFox contact management to view the customer’s details while rendering support, to make sure the customer knows he is being cared for.

Manage marketing/discount campaigns by creating tickets and use Smart rules to automate replies to avoid any time delays. With the HappyFox help desk by your side, you have nothing stopping you from setting international standards in travel experience and becoming the pioneers in the field of travel and tourism.