7 Reasons Why Omni Channel Support is Important for Your Business

Last Updated: April 4, 2021

Omnichannel Support has become the new benchmark for providing excellent customer service. The very fact that you landed on this blog shows that your business is catching up with Omnichannel Customer Service. That’s good news. One of the best ways to hook your customers to use your product or service is by ensuring quick Omnichannel Support across all popular websites, apps, and devices that they use.

In a report from Forrester, 73% of consumers say valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide good service. Omni Channel customer experience brings you one step closer to the customer with a deeper context about their problems.

Haven’t implemented an omnichannel strategy yet? This blog will take you through omnichannel support in-depth and explain the reasons why it is so helpful for your team.

What is Omnichannel Support?

The word “Omni” means all. Literally speaking, Omni-channel support refers to providing support across all touchpoints that a customer uses to interact with your business. However, this word has a deeper meaning and is different from multi-channel support where teams work in silos.

Omni-Channel refers to providing a unified experience to the customer across different channels like email, phone, live chat, social media, in-app chat, chatbots, and so on. Customers can start a conversation on any channel, anytime, and pick it up from where you left off on any other channel, any other time. With Omni-Channel Customer Support, you can keep all customer data in the form of contacts inside a single platform so your service reps can address the issues with proper context and delight the customers. 

How to create a real-time Omnichannel Experience for customers? 

Creating a unified experience across all channels takes a lot of effort. By adopting a platform that integrates multiple channels for support can simplify this complex process as shown in the video.

Let’s take an example from a case study of our customer, Consumer Electronics Giant – Jabra to understand this better.

Mary bought headphones for herself from Jabra, she now has some problem with the headphones and reached out to Jabra’s self-service portal if she can find a solution, while she reads it she finds a proactive chat pop up on her screen option and opts for it for faster resolution. A live chat agent attends to her, but the chat gets disconnected midway due to poor connection at her end. In the next few mins, she receives an email from Jabra with their next response and full context from her live chat conversation, so she gets to reply to them right where she left off. Within a few minutes, she gets a resolution for her query. A survey then triggers to rate her experience. Mary is happy, and so is the agent. Jabra was able to serve Mary with full context through HappyFox – The Omni-Channel Help Desk Software, where all requests from various channels get stored in a centralized system, so the conversation flows seamlessly from one to the next.

Omnichannel support is a win-win for both your customers and your support team.

Following are the top seven reasons that will convince you to opt for omnichannel support:

1. Convenience and Consistency

Today’s consumers are time-strapped and this means that convenience is not just a benefit, but it’s a central principle of strong customer experience. Omni-Channel support not only makes sure that your brand provides comfort to the customers but also provides consistent service across all support channels.

2. Customer Centricity

The very crux of omnichannel support is to develop a single view of their customer, understand their relationship, and optimize their interactions for better customer service across all channels. Customers have become digitally savvy with the use of smartphones to reach out to almost any touchpoint. Providing seamless service across mobile devices can be a big win in providing customer satisfaction.

3. Seamless Experience

Customers today expect speedy resolutions to their issues with minimal effort on explaining their problems. Omnichannel support provides enough context for the support team to understand the situation better and to come up with perfect solutions. For example, these days a lot of mobile apps offer an In-App Chat or FAQ section integration to serve the customers right there without having to navigate anywhere else. The customer wouldn’t know that this was an additional channel at all, it’s that seamless.

4. Improves Sales

Good omnichannel customer experience can lead to word of mouth marketing and convert your customers to evangelists of your brand. In a study it was found on average, a customer who is satisfied with customer service experience will recommend a business nine times. In contrast, a dissatisfied customer will tell up to 22 people about their bad experience.

5. Agent Collaboration Across Departments

Best support teams are the ones who communicate effectively with different departments like sales, marketing, billing, etc. to provide a unified experience to the customer. An omnichannel help desk with Integrations to team apps like slack can help teams bring attention to a ticket to other departments effectively.

6. Ecosystem to send or receive customer data between multiple applications

An omnichannel support platform like a help desk provides opportunities to integrate your favorite business apps like contact management software, CRMs, e-commerce platforms, payment apps, and much more.

 7. Analyze different channel performances through Business Intelligence

Collecting feedback (CSAT scores) via different channels becomes easy via an omnichannel support portal. As shown in the image, Business Intelligence via reporting and dashboards can help in analyzing the support performance across various channels. A good help desk provides all the necessary insights to drive improvement across the entire support process.

Looking for a platform that can provide all the above benefits of Omnichannel support? You should give HappyFox Help Desk a spin. Talk to our product expert today!