Accelerate your DevOps Support with GitLab and HappyFox

Last Updated: April 12, 2021

Support teams worldwide use HappyFox Help Desk together with a number of other platforms to provide stellar, omnichannel customer service. We built integrations with DevOps platforms to make it easier for support teams to collaborate with engineering teams. Today, we’re expanding our DevOps integration portfolio with the all-new HappyFox Help Desk + GitLab integration.

Getting started

There’s a lot to be excited about with this integration, including the ability to create/close issues and synchronize GitLab comments with HappyFox updates.

To get access to this powerful integration, head over to the HappyFox App marketplace and install the GitLab app. The integration works with both self-hosted and SaaS variants of GitLab.

Authorizing HappyFox with your GitLab account is quick and takes less than a minute. For detailed installation steps, visit the product documentation page today or watch a 2-minute setup video:

Let’s see what else you can do with this integration!

Transform Tickets into Actionable Issues

With the integration, you can easily create or link GitLab issues to existing HappyFox tickets. Contents of the ticket are auto-filled during issue creation, helping support agents retain the context while sharing info with the engineering team. 

You can perform actions like:

  • Creating a new issue
  • Linking an Existing issue
  • Edit the properties of a linked ticket

Track Issue Progress from HappyFox

Tracking issue progress to completion is also made easy for your support agents. The GitLab integration sidebar always reflects the current state from GitLab and other metadata like milestones, descriptions, labels, assignees, and due date. This saves a lot of time which is otherwise spent in other mediums like email or slack, to keep both the systems in sync manually.

Synchronize HappyFox Updates with GitLab Comments

Any new ticket update that happens on a HappyFox ticket is added as a comment to the linked GitLab issue and vice-versa. The flow of information across the two platforms is controllable with granular sync options. Support agents can quickly get notified by the engineering team on advances or delays, and updating customers becomes a breeze.

Automatically close Tickets when Issues are marked complete

When you link a support ticket with an issue in GitLab, members of the support and engineering teams will know who’s doing what and by when. You can take this a step further by configuring the automatic closure of tickets when the linked issue is marked complete. This results in faster response and resolution times of incoming support requests.


At HappyFox, we’re developing software for a modern approach to customer service. Using HappyFox Help Desk and GitLab together streamlines DevOps support workflows so teams can accelerate their software delivery while effectively handling support requests. If you have any further questions regarding HappyFox-GitLab integration, or if you’d like to try out the product, please feel free to book a one-on-one demo with our product experts.