Customer Support Software on the Cloud

Last Updated: March 15, 2021

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Software as a Service, SaaS, is a business model that’s being embraced by a growing number of organizations across the world.

The immediate benefit that a SaaS product offers is the elimination of IT resources. No need to worry about installing software on a server, or dealing with maintaining 3rd party entities to be able to run that software. Since the software vendor provides all the necessary infrastructure, by way of a cloud based service, SaaS products contribute to greater levels of business efficiency.

We’ve been building web based software since 2003 and are, therefore, keen proponents of doing business on the web. Our products have been assisting businesses worldwide and, more specifically, we’ve had significant experience in streamlining the help desk operations of enterprise clients, through our popular help desk management tool.

In response to the growing SaaS awareness, we realized that the market was ripe for a customer support software that truly does keep things simple, whilst embracing the benefits that a cloud-based service has to offer. Customer Support is now such a crucial element to any business need; the more satisfied your customers are, the more repetitive business you stand to gain.

Which is why we believe in a simple mantra that is sure to continually drive quality customer support. Happy you, Happy customers.

Our aim is to keep you happy, by providing you with a ridiculously easy, yet powerful, customer support software. One that allows you to dive right in, view and track what all your customers are asking for and rapidly begin assisting them. One that, we hope, delivers happiness merely through its name.

And so, Ladies & Gentleman, we’re extremely pleased to introduce you to HappyFox.

Feel free to browse through and savor how providing customer support can be both pleasing and simple.

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