Help Desk Customization: A Complete Guide to Customizing HappyFox Help Desk

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

Tailor-made and easily customizable Help Desks allow organizations to make the system their own.  With that in mind, HappyFox Help Desk gives the end-users plenty of options to customize their instance of the help desk. Personalization enhances the user experience promoting user adoption of the system.

You don’t just have plenty of options like changing font colors, styles, and structure but even the processes can be simplified through customization. With the right branding and personalization, your HappyFox Help desk can resemble your company website. Let us look at what customizations can do for your HappyFox Help Desk.

Create your own Roles

HappyFox lets enterprises create and configure customized roles for their help desk users for ticket creation and modification. You can make someone the all-powerful Admin with complete privileges, or create a new support staff with restricted permissions to do exactly what the administrator wants them to do. Roles allow agents to manage ticket level and perform system-level actions by choosing the right ‘permissions’ such as ‘Create a Contact’, ‘View Reports’, ‘Reply to Agent via Email’, etc.

Customize Categories

Categories, in HappyFox Help Desk, can be thought of as ‘mailboxes’. Once these categories are linked to an email, all incoming mails will be converted to tickets. With categories, each and every support process can be tracked in a proper manner. Available either as private or public categories, with the former visible to both the staff members and the end-users, and private categories are visible only to the staff members.

Create Customer Ticket Queues

Creating custom ticket queues gives agents optimum visibility and functionality into their ticket volume. HappyFox Help Desk customization allows agents to sort tickets, create a list view of tickets that shows only the columns or the categories agents want. This gives agents a holistic view and understanding of their ticket volume and resolves them quickly, improving SLA compliance.

Add Context to Support through Custom Fields

HappyFox Help Desk allows admins and agents with permissions to create custom fields that can be used to store additional important information about a ticket/contact. These custom fields can be a text, number, date, multiple options, or dropdowns. These fields can either be standalone or have a parent-child relationship with other fields. Custom fields can be of two types – ‘Ticket’ field to collect information about tickets like the issue type of the ticket or a ‘Contact’ field to collect information about a customer/contact such as subscription plan details, payment details, etc.

Support in Multiple Languages

HappyFox Help Desk software talks in real-time in multiple languages to offer a complete package of multilingual support. Administrators can choose from 35 languages like English, Deutsche, Arabic, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Czech, Swedish, etc., to provide hassle-free customer support in the language of your choice. With exemplary email parsing capabilities and Multilingual support for knowledge base articles, robust multilingual customer service is available for all HappyFox users.

Map your Help Desk to a Custom Domain

When you register your account with HappyFox Help desk, it comes with the default HappyFox domain out-of-box ( but administrators are allowed to customize and remap it to suit their custom domain requirements ( or (, reinforcing the brand identity.

Change the Name of your Company

One of the key ways to ensure enhance the look and feel is to change the company name and the logo of your company to your own. You can do so by navigating through ‘Manage’ > Account Settings’ > ‘Personalization’. Logo images with dimensions larger than 500*90 will be shrunk to fit. The logo is displayed on the customer and support team login pages. And Favicon dimensions larger than 16*16 will be shrunk to fit.

Color-code Help Desk Statuses

Another way you can add flavor to your system is by giving each ticket status a color. This not only is visually pleasing but also allows you to keep a better track of your tickets in the queue. A color code system for ticket status creates a better UX for your customers. For example, a neutral shade of yellow can represent new and fresh tickets, while greens can represent a closed ticket. 

Add Branding Elements to your Support Center

A Support Centre or a self-service portal for customers is a part of the help desk application that is customer-facing. HappyFox Help Desk allows admins to add and customize pages like FAQs, Knowledge Bases, and a New Ticket Form which lets a user create new tickets from a form. You could change the look and feel of each of the pages where you could alter the header, banner, ‘What’s new’ section. You can also change the base and article color of your support center or even a place for you to implement your own custom CSS/HTML/JS design. 


Through these small but transformational steps, you can put together a system that represents your brand and company. In addition to these out-of-the-box customizations, organizations also utilize HappyFox Workflow automation, a mighty drag-and-drop, no code, workflow management tool to customize and automate day to day repetitive tasks inside your support portal while also integrating with CRMs and other Service Desks. If you’re a HappyFox Help Desk user, do not forget to make the best of the customization capabilities to ensure enhanced productivity through the streamlining of processes.  And if you’re still on the lookout for a robust and highly customizable customer ticketing system, reach out to one of our specialists today.