Deliver Superior Ecommerce Customer Experiences with HappyFox & Salesforce B2C Commerce

Over the past year, customers have increasingly adopted online shopping like never before, forcing companies to adapt their commerce strategy quickly. In few cases, this meant shifting to an e-commerce store for the very first time. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has amplified the consumer’s desire for convenience and immediacy. It had brought about changes to lifestyle and customer spending habits. With customers still wary of buying in-store, online purchase demand has surged worldwide.

“Delight your agents with instant access to customer details and order information from Salesforce B2C Commerce —all inside HappyFox.”

A Unified View of Customers and their Orders

With the sudden shift to digital e-commerce and accompanying surge in customers reaching out for help, support teams need to be faster and more agile than ever.

Customer support agents often reach out to e-commerce teams through channels like Slack, email to get relevant order information or manually log in to the e-commerce platform to get the relevant information.

With HappyFox, agents already have a unified view of customer conversations across all digital channels, from messaging to email to social media. But sometimes, agents need other important contexts like purchase history, order details, or profile data to provide exemplary e-commerce support.

The new Salesforce B2C Commerce integration puts all this data at your agents’ fingertips, allowing them to deliver faster and more personalized support.

The integration queries your Salesforce B2C Commerce store to find the customer’s details and recent orders. If a ticket is linked to an individual customer, the app will display that order information, so your agents have instant access to the right customer context—all inside HappyFox.

Multi-Store Support for Salesforce B2C Commerce

Managing multiple stores can be difficult. However, it isn’t impossible. Suppose you’re using multiple stores to target different international markets or sell to different customer segments. In that case, you’ll need to optimize each store individually to make its content and offers relevant to the intended audience.

The Salesforce B2C Commerce integration for HappyFox Help Desk seamlessly works with multiple stores in your Salesforce B2C Commerce platform. This means customer information and recent orders from multiple Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud stores integrated into HappyFox are displayed inside the ticket details page and in the new ticket creation form.

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