Effective Multi-Brand Customer Support Using HappyFox Help Desk

Last Updated: May 16, 2021

If your organization offers multiple products to customers or if you manage multiple businesses under one brand, a personalized customer support experience for your support teams and customers can truly set you apart from the competition.

Let’s say your company has recently acquired a new company that wants to retain its image. Or maybe your business has come up with a new product called, Acme Tablets and the strategic decision is to differentiate it from Acme Mobile for your agents and other internal departments. Would you need to buy a different instance of help desk software for each of the brands under you? Not with HappyFox Help Desk.

Benefits of a Multi-Brand Help Desk

1. Create a Self Service Platform for each Brand

The HappyFox Knowledge Base and Support Center functionality aims to promote service amongst its users through simplified customer service. After all, if a customer can resolve his problems in real-time without having to pick up his phone and waiting for hours online or typing out a mail to respond at a later time, you’ve got yourself a brand advocate. 

With HappyFox Help Desk, accessing help for each product is so much easier. A centralized way of managing support tickets for different brands in a single portal is not only easier for your agents and admins to maintain but most importantly for your customers who can access articles that are relevant to them. You can also customize the portals including their URL to reflect your branding. You can remap the default domain (company.happyfox.com) to your custom domain (support.companyname.com) or (domain.com).

2. A Help Desk for Each Brand

Maintaining a similar system for multiple different verticals and environments is challenging to say the least. While maintaining an independent system for each instance might seem easy at the first glance, in the long run, the data gets complex and so do the business use cases.

With a single platform Help Desk system like HappyFox, businesses have been utilizing the multi-brand capabilities to set up unique automation rules, SLAs and workflows, to run their support model successfully under one umbrella to provide exceptional customer experience. 

3. Significant Cost Savings

Investing in an important system like a Help Desk is of course a big strategic decision. Multiply that by the number of brands and businesses that need to support customers, you’ve got yourself burning a hole in the pocket. Imagine the cost-saving from a single implementation rather than multiple. Add to it, the cost of maintaining the system can take a toll on your budget. 

But exceptional customer support while empowering your agents doesn’t necessarily have to be a costly affair. With HappyFox Help Desk, multi-brand capability comes out of the box, with one account that gives access to the Customer Support Portal and Agent portal, with as many brands as your business needs.

4. Empower your Staff to scale faster

With a centralized system that lets you manage your ticket for every brand, your end-users, agents, do not need to toggle between multiple accounts, manage endless notifications, and remember passwords. A system like HappyFox Help Desk promotes the scaling of your business by reducing confusion for your agents across brands.  There is also strong access level management that grants and/or restricts agents to access tickets under specific brands they are likely to offer controlled support.

Setting up Multi-Brand inside HappyFox Help Desk

Enabling multi-brand support for your Help Desk has never been easier. Follow the steps below to get up and running in a matter of minutes.

  1. Enable the feature by navigating to the ‘Manage’ page and clicking on ‘Multi-brand’.
  2. Once you’re on the main page, you can either “Create a Brand” or “Add a brand”.

  1. Provide basic information like a name, a URL for the brand, and don’t forget to associate the brand with the category. This controls the way your tickets reside inside your Help Desk. 
  1. For each of the multibrand, specify what the default language of support is, inside your Helpdesk.
  1. To customize the look and feel of your multi-brand, navigate to ‘Support Center’ from your module switcher. Through the ‘Brand Name’, you can change the style of your Home Page, FAQ page, Login Page, and New Ticket form of each of your brands. To know more about customization available for your Support Center, don’t forget to check out our Knowledge Base.


From large enterprises to small businesses and startups, HappyFox Help Desk is helping them increase recall value for brands while simplifying the work of the support staff. To know more about available customizations in your HappyFox Help Desk, dive deeper here. If you’re on the lookout for a Help Desk for your customer base that lets you manage multiple brands, products, and services under one ticketing system, talk to one of our Product Specialists today!