HappyFox at PyCon 2023: A Recap

Last Updated: October 25, 2023

Our journey at PyCon 2023 was a whirlwind of excitement, learning, and community connection. As proud Platinum sponsors of this remarkable event, we, a bootstrapped design-first company, embarked on a journey that epitomized our passion for Python, innovation, and fostering lasting connections within the tech community. Our experience was nothing short of exhilarating, filled with learning, engagement and loads of fun. 

Here’s a snapshot of our experience:

The HappyFox team touched down in Hyderabad with a wave of excitement for the premier event. 

Filled with anticipation, our team got actively involved in the pre-prep activities as we made our way to the venue.

Amidst the buzz, our team crafted a vibrant stall that stood out and attracted Python enthusiasts from all over.

Day 1 was a massive hit! Our eye-candy of a stall along with the coveted t-shirts and goodies got everyone buzzing with enthusiasm. 

On Day 2, we engaged in meaningful discussions with Pythonistas, further enhancing our community association. 

Recalling past PyCon interactions, participants fondly remembered us, forming a lasting connection. 

Expertly curating a mix of games and activities, we aimed to get attendees thrilled and encourage enthusiastic participation.

From origami to personality quizzes, participants were thoroughly entertained and inspired by our game stack. 

Adding a touch of fun, the creative stickers matching developers’ personalities was a crowd pleaser at PyCon 2023.  

Undeniably, PyCon GPT, our creative brainchild, gained significant attention during the event.

The innovative application caught the curiosity of many participants who engaged with us, asking questions about its technicalities.

We connected with numerous individuals who were keen to understand more about our organization and explore opportunities as we expand our footprints in Bangalore and Hyderabad. 

Moreover, an intuitive QR code-based application process further attracted numerous developers across career stages, all eager to explore internship and job prospects.

Stepping into the spotlight, Pradeek, our Head of Engineering, delivered a stellar sponsor talk on Sunday and an impactful open space talk on Saturday that received great enthusiasm and engagement from the audience. 

Finding the insights quite useful, participants eagerly interacted with Pradeek posing questions after the talk. 

Packed with posts and videos, we leveraged our social mediums to the fullest to help spread the buzz about PyCon amongst techies. 

Bringing a social touch to the event, the networking dinner and the PyLadies lunch served as invaluable opportunities to connect, share ideas, and forge meaningful relationships. 

During these sessions, we engaged in insightful discussions, exchanged experiences, and explored potential collaborations.

Back from PyCon 2023, we are overjoyed with the incredible success and the meaningful connections that we’ve established. 

A big shoutout to all who visited us, engaged with our activities, and made this an event to cherish! We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the PyCon organizers for their collaboration and support. The interest, positive response, and the connections we made have set the stage for our future endeavors in the Python community.

Looking ahead, we plan to remain closely associated with PyCon, aiming for more collaborations and even considering being a technology partner for upcoming events. We’re dedicated to making future interactions even more exciting.

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