9 Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction with Customer Support Software

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

The main focus of the majority of businesses is customer satisfaction, and for good reason. Customers are what make a business successful! However, only focusing on the customer does not benefit the business in the long run. Who other than the customer creates the foundation of a thriving, successful business?

The employees.

Customer support agents are the people keeping your business afloat by interacting directly with the customers. Employee satisfaction in the workplace should be a high priority for all employers, as unhappy employees result in less productivity, less efficiency, poor service, and high employee turnover.

The bottom line: if your employees are not happy, your customers will suffer. Think of your customer support team as your internal customers; they deserve the best conditions possible to provide excellent customer service.

The answer: customer support software platforms. With a software program designed specifically with your customer support team in mind, you will be giving your employees an organized, comprehensive system that will make their jobs much easier and employee satisfaction much higher. Below are just a few of the benefits your customer support agents will enjoy when you integrate a customer support software platform:

Less stress.

Customer support agents have the extremely taxing job of dealing with hundreds of customer inquiries, complaints, and other comments daily. Reps are under a lot of stress when trying to balance fast resolution times with customer satisfaction; customer support software can help take some of the pressure off employees. Software platforms give customer support agents the option to input all necessary information in one easy-to-access place (this can include customer contact information, past histories, high priority cases, and resolution times). The software does a large portion of the organizational work, leaving your support team free to solve issues in a fast, effective, stress-free manner.

Less frustration.

Often times, customer support agents will have access to several databases filled with information. This not only makes answering questions and concerns time consuming (having to sift through multiple databases), it creates a frustrating work environment. Having a customer support platform puts all the required information in one place.

Recognize achievements.

Because customer support software can keep track of criteria such as time spent on each call (ticket times), the number of transferred calls or calls put on hold, and overall customer satisfaction, it is much easier for the best performers to stand out. Nothing increases employee satisfaction like being recognized for the hard-earned, good work they do on a day-to-day basis.

Employee engagement.

Keeping your team engaged with one another and with the company is an essential element to the long-term success of your business. For both new and old employees, the availability and accuracy of knowledge are directly proportional to their level of engagement, which ultimately affects their performance and customer satisfaction. Customer support software provides employees with an organized system — that takes the guesswork out of the job and increases the desire to engage in their position fully.


It’s not easy being satisfied with your job when you feel like you’re in it alone. Customer support software can help your employees feel like a team. Instead of a jumbled mess of information that leads to different employees and different departments providing clients with different answers to the same questions, customer support software provides your employees and your clients with a seamless support system running on the same page. With the option to open a client’s previous cases and see an entire file of detailed information, there is little room for confusion.

Increased efficiency.

With customer support software, all the important information is organized in one place – all relevant data and information is just a few clicks away in a single, efficient database. The customer service team will benefit from this by improving issue resolution time, increasing productivity, and greatly improving both employee and customer satisfaction.

Faster resolution time.

An organized system is an efficient system. Resolution time will no longer be a concern for your customer support team. Support software gives your agents the tools to boost knowledge, reduce incoming tickets through deflection and self-service tools, understand the needs of the customers, and solve their issues as accurately and as quickly as possible.

Fewer bugs.

If your company has invested in a reputable customer support software platform, it should come with an excellent support system itself. This means that any bugs, technical issues, or update requirements can be taken care of as quickly as possible, improving the efficiency of your customer service team. Fewer issues with the system also mean less frustration – no one wants to deal with system maintenance.

Decreased boredom.

Let’s face it – a customer support agent’s job can involve mundane, repetitive tasks. When a rep is forced to answer the same questions over and over, it is easy to become bored with the job, unmotivated, unhappy, and less interested in performing to the best of their abilities. The benefit of customer support software is that it allows each employee to finish basic or repetitive tasks faster (such as answering frequently asked questions), freeing up time that can then be used to focus on more difficult tasks (more in-depth customer interactions or initiatives to help with growing and improving the company or the customer support section).

Build a relationship between customers and employees. After all is said and done, one of the most important aspects of a job, and perhaps the key behind overall employee satisfaction, is the feeling that you are doing meaningful work. With customer support software, customer support agents have the opportunity to easily keep track of the details about a customer and their purchasing history, questions asked, concerns voiced, and interests in specific products.

Customer support software allows each support agent to build a relationship with the customers by understanding and being aware of their needs, wants, and preferences. Customer satisfaction directly influences customer service employee satisfaction; software platforms are the answer to satisfaction across the board.

In what ways has a customer support software platform made your job easier? Share your experiences with us!

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