Buying Support Software that Does What YOU Need

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

Bigger isn’t always better. And more features doesn’t mean a product provides more of what your business needs. When it comes to enterprise-level customer support software, you may find it results in more problems than solutions for your company. The more you buy – in terms of software capabilities – the more you have to keep up with.

Learn about some of the problems these enterprise level products can cause for the customer support team as well as your customer base:

More training

It can take a while to get your staff up to speed on a platform that offers more than your company needs. It is possible to have too many features which makes your solution part of the problem and increases the learning curve for customer support staff.

Awkward interface for customers

A significant learning curve for your staff translates to frustration for customers. They have a problem to solve and want to do so quickly. When there are so many different options to select from in your customer service product or a lengthy navigation path in your ticketing system, customers are quick to lose patience. Software is about much more than how it works for your internal staff, it needs to have a friendly user interface for everyone.


This is an obvious one! When you explore enterprise level software, the cost will be significantly higher than with other platforms. And it’s not just the cost of the initial product and implementation, but also ongoing costs for support and maintenance. Also consider any enhancements you may want down the road. Are those changes you can do internally or do you need to pay the vendor any time a change is made? Weigh all of your costs before deciding on a platform.

Complicated reporting tools

Your customer support team should be able to easily pull user-friendly reports. When the reports are complicated and require assistance from the IT team, it slows everyone down. Summary data should be available at the click of a button.

More bugs

When there’s a lot happening behind the scenes of your software, that means there will be more updates as well. Whether it’s a standard update or a bug in the system, it results in lost productivity as the system may be down for a while.


Too many options can be overwhelming to your customer support team. It can also cause a lot of inconsistency with your data. Which fields should they be using for tickets? If everyone is using different features, it is difficult to get a clear picture of how support is performing as a whole.

Before you purchase enterprise-level customer support software, have a good understanding of all the functionalities you truly need in a solution to save yourself frustration down the road. What customers like about HappyFox is how easy it is to track and manage the support requests that come in through different channels. It reduces clutter in the email inbox and makes it easy to categorize incoming queries. PC Mag rated it as the customer support software of choice in 2015 and HappyFox aims to be a preferred platform in 2016 as well!


  • Tina Arnoldi

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