Manage the Unmanageable With HappyFox’s Ticket Cloning

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

If customer support is like herding sheep, then managing service tickets is herding cats. You might feel like Lucy Ricardo trying to stay on top of an ever increasing service ticket volume. And when you don’t use the right customer support tools, ticket management is downright unmanageable.

Customer support efforts are highly quantifiable, so it’s vital that you expedite the tedious and streamline the cumbersome to meet and exceed Service Level Agreement (SLA) targets. Enter ticket cloning–your new best friend.

What is service ticket cloning?

When service agents create a ticket, they populate fields like: priority, category, tags, and assignee. This process is necessary for every unique service ticket, and ticket cloning helps expedite ticket creation when your customer inquiries are repetitive. With HappyFox, cloning a ticket will allow customer service agents to select the ticket variety to auto-populate ticket fields for re-occurring question types.

Reduce overall response time

Ticket cloning is a key step in reducing ticket resolution time, which as we all know is key to customer satisfaction. Just like drop-down menu, searchable canned responses lower ticket resolution times, having the ability to create new tickets quickly will set up your subsequent processes for quick execution and support success. One of the primary reasons for late responses is simply the late assignment of a new ticket. Within HappyFox, cloned tickets are not static, so you can alter certain fields as necessary, yet it still allows for quicker ticket creation and assignment than starting from scratch.

Standardize ticketing tags and processes

When you clone tickets for common requests, you are better able to maintain a uniform process for your customer service department as a whole. Ticket cloning allows your customer service director to set response protocols for these frequent requests, which increases searchability and streamlines the resolution process by taking the think-work out of tagging and categorizing tickets- especially if you have many a large support team.

Get to know your customers better

The typical view is that your customers’ inquiries are a reflection of your business. But your customer inquiries tell you a lot about your customer base – how they interact with your site, and what their real expectations are. By keeping tabs on a large volume of cloned tickets you can gain insight into your various customers’ processes, and help you meet their needs accordingly.

Do you keep getting emails about the same easily solvable problem? Post prominent FAQs on your homepage.

Are your customers having trouble applying a coupon on your e-commerce site? Cloned support tickets that detail the same problem can tell you a lot about the factors compounding these failed attempts. Cloned tickets help you keep consistent metrics on ticket type and frequency, which is valuable information for improving customer experience.

Give it a try!

Though often seen as second fiddle to canned actions, support ticket cloning can help your team increase efficiency, keep your team running smoothly, and (most importantly) help you best meet your customers’ needs.

You may not be able to slow down the conveyor belt of customer inquiries, but you can certainly stay ahead of the flow with ticket cloning. Especially with a solution like HappyFox. Learn more about HappyFox here, Get a one-on-one live demo today!


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