5 Key Reasons to Adopt Chatbots for Customer Support

Last Updated: April 23, 2023

The past decade has witnessed a massive digital revolution thanks to the increased demand for personalized and consistent experiences. When it comes to the customer service industry, chatbots with their immediate responses, 24×7 operational and automation capabilities, and ability to adapt to AI technologies have changed the customer experience landscape. These virtual assistants also help you put your support team to use for tasks where they are truly needed. 

However, myths about chatbots and not being aware of the benefits of using chatbots for a business hinder chatbot adoption. 

Chatbots: Myths vs. reality 

1. Myth: Not many companies actually use customer support chatbots

80% of companies have either already integrated chatbots into their support delivery system or plan to implement it within the next 2 years. This statistic is a testament to the fact that the world is moving towards chatbots. Moreover, its adoption is at its peak owing to the ability of customer service chatbots to provide quick, consistent, and effective support 24×7 with virtually no wait time, especially now as most people are now working remotely.

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2. Myth: Chatbots will completely replace human agents

While each business has different use cases for chatbots, what’s common is that chatbots exist to help live agents do their jobs better – not replace them. They can address FAQs and other simple customer questions to give agents more time to address questions that require human intervention. 

3. Myth: Chatbots are not as efficient and effective as they are advertised to be

In reality, the results of chatbot adoption have been far-reaching. Today, chatbots utilize advanced technologies like machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide tangible business value and also improve customer service experience.

Why should your business adopt chatbots?

1. Chatbots are more powerful than ever

Gone are the days when customer service bots were only viewed as solutions to help cut costs. Over the years there has been a significant shift from a cost-focused approach to an experience-focused approach. Chatbot adoption has been gaining momentum with technological advancements that allow them to leverage intelligent technologies. Providing user-centric solutions is easier now than ever. Therefore, businesses that effectively use chatbots in their support workflows stand to deliver a better experience in real-time and therefore better value to their customers. 

2. Chatbots aid smart resource allocation

As a business, you definitely want to provide top-notch support to your customers. But that is difficult to achieve when your support agents are occupied with repetitive tasks. With chatbots, you can standardize answers to repetitive questions by leveraging your own source materials like FAQs and knowledge base and free up your agent’s time to focus on tasks that offer high value. This streamlined model will lead to improved productivity and reduced overheads for your company and an enhanced experience for your customers. 

3. Chatbots can give you valuable insights into your customers

Gauging customer emotions and mannerisms online has never been a straightforward process. However, chatbots can give companies valuable insights and context on customer behavior by studying human interactions. You can use this information to help customers better by providing personalized recommendations and increase lead generation and sales. This will also improve your customer engagement and user experience and help you make informed decisions.

A customer support workflow that uses chatbots can lead to improved productivity and reduced overheads for your company and an enhanced experience for your customers. 

4. Give your customers what they deem comfortable

People are spending an ever-increasing amount of time on messaging platforms and social media. Recent reports suggest that millennials use chatbots on a daily basis. Adopting chatbots not only means negligible response times but also giving your customers what they want and are comfortable with while driving customer engagement and loyalty. It is also indicative of a growth in chatbot adoption across the market as it rises to become the most preferred mode of support. 

5. Chatbots are packed with customizable benefits 

If the above reasons weren’t enough, the other benefits that using chatbots for support operations can have for your business are sure to make you turn towards them. You can record and archive conversations and automate mundane and repetitive tasks. Most importantly, chatbots are available to attend to customer’s requests at all times, because, unlike human customer service agents, they don’t need a break. In addition to that, your chatbot will use AI not only to answer customer queries but also to train itself. It can learn from its own answers and the customer feedback it receives and eventually provide proactive follow-ups. 

Redefine your customer support workflow with AI chatbots 

The customer support landscape is being revolutionized each day with AI-powered communication and resolution platforms. It is pivoting towards a self-service and automation-centric environment. Adopt chatbots into your business to increase leads, save time and resources, improve customer satisfaction, and boost revenue. Take a step towards the future and book a one-on-one demo with our chatbot specialists today.