HappyFox: The Best Help Desk for IT Asset Management

Last Updated: April 4, 2021

Keeping track of faulty IT hardware and related customer tickets can be a daunting task. Not all IT asset management or facility management teams need help desk software that can also manage assets. But if you are managing a lot of assets, having an asset management solution that is built into your help desk can be a game changer. A support ticket that can clearly identify the specific asset associated with it can greatly enhance your service experience.

We are happy to announce that HappyFox now includes an Asset Management module as part of the help desk. Our dedicated asset management solution simplifies tracking, fixing, and replacing faulty IT or non-IT assets. With the option to capture custom details about your assets, report on assets and related issues, your IT help desk experience is about to get a whole lot better with HappyFox.

Relate Assets to Tickets

In a typical IT help desk or facility management scenario, customers raise tickets against one or more faulty equipment. Wouldn’t it be extremely useful if you can associate the tickets with these assets? This way, you can easily reference additional information about the product directly against the ticket. As a result, you can respond promptly to the customer’s query resulting in better customer satisfaction! And HappyFox certainly allows you to do just that!

Asset Details

Adding assets to a ticket and viewing their details.

Relating assets to tickets in HappyFox is extremely intuitive. Your agents can search for an asset by its name or its unique identifier and relate it to a ticket. Furthermore, they can add multiple assets to a ticket easily. Associating or removing an asset from a ticket leaves individual audit trails on the ticket for better accountability.

Audit Trail

Audit trail for asset related actions on a ticket

Customizing Your Assets

HappyFox comes with a dedicated module to manage all your assets. You can create new assets and modify existing ones easily. In addition, you can customize the asset object to capture additional details specific to your needs. Running an IT help desk? Add details such as manufacturer info, terms of the warranty, product category etc., for better IT asset management. Consequently, your agents can reference these details and provide accurate responses to improve your CSATs.

List of all Assets

A list of all your assets

But what if you are using HappyFox for facilities management? No worries! You can easily customize the asset management solution to capture details about your lightings, fixtures, furniture etc. By being customizable, you can tailor HappyFox assets to your needs, whether it be IT asset management or facilities management.

Organize your Help Desk

Imagine if you can easily find tickets raised against a particular asset? Wouldn’t that make your life easy, especially if have dedicated agents to deal with a specific type of issue? We’ve got you covered there as well. HappyFox allows you to create custom filters and queues with conditions related to assets in it.

Let’s talk about Mark, an agent who handles networking equipment related tickets. You can create a custom queue to include a specific condition say “Assets” contain “Cisco RV325” or “Netgear AC3200” and so on. When combined with other conditions that let you filter tickets by statuses, priorities and more, you have a pretty powerful tool to run an organized IT help desk AND do IT asset management!

Reporting on Assets

HappyFox allows you to generate reports on assets using the export functionality. Let’s assume that you are running an IT help desk. Using the information in HappyFox, you can

  • Identify the products that malfunction often
  • Identify customers who frequently have issues with their equipment
  • Validate issues raised against similar products from manufacturer X vs manufacturer Y
  • Determine the number of products that require repairs/replacement periodically

and certainly much much more. By integrating a useful, intuitive and capable IT asset management solution, you can not only resolve your IT tickets faster but also manage and report on your assets from HappyFox – a simple unified help desk and asset management solution!