Conversational AI Support Use Cases for IT and HR Teams That Foster Excellent Productivity

Last Updated: May 4, 2022

Conversational support refers to the real-time support delivered by self-service bots and backed by easy escalation to agents on platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams. If you’re inquisitive about how your IT and HR support teams can improve employee experience and boost employee experience through automation, below are some top conversational support use cases.

Conversational Support Use Cases

IT: Better Issue Resolution

IT teams have always faced a constant downpour of support requests on Slack. But adapting to the new normal culture, teams find it difficult to resolve requests due to work fatigue, especially during the pandemic. Communication all over the place leads to a decrease in employee engagement. Thus, conversational support can help you avoid the chaos of support operations in remote and hybrid-remote situations.

Conversational AI led ticket deflection: A conversational interface tool can help deflect prospective tickets by suggesting responses to frequently asked queries. It makes providing support feel less like a hassle and more human.

Conversational Ticket Management: All interactions and ticket actions may be tracked on Slack. With the rich text editor, you can write easy-to-read responses as the composer saves your changes in real-time.

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HR: Streamlined processes and better collaboration 

Conversational support for human resources streamlines your HR processes to empower your staff and free up time for your HR department. Employees may obtain relevant and well-organized information from the knowledge base directly inside Slack, and they can handle difficulties without having to contact HR professionals.

Employee Onboarding Process: Your HR managers can now onboard new hires faster and streamline internal knowledge sharing better with a comprehensive internal KB. This helps in the talent acquisition, and recruiting process and increases employee interactions with new employees.

Employee Offboarding Process: Assist AI solutions, acting as an HR chatbot, makes the offboarding process easier by answering questions like

  • How to download my payslips before my access is removed?
  • When will I get my relieving letter?

Ticket Management: Increase employee satisfaction by helping your team to quickly answer questions and focus on important metrics.

Approval Management: Conversational support helps in maintaining a complete record of who made important deals and when. This makes it easier to track past approvals and helps in decision-making.

Foster Operational Efficiency With Conversational Support

Transform faqs into meaningful interactions and enhance team connections through messaging. Imagine your teams being able to ask for support through any channel and enabling streamlined conversions and boosting performance management. Conversational support on Slack helps teams in reducing support volume and also track performances.

The better the conversations, the happier the end users are. Also, the Assist AI price options allows you to use the product for free. Moreover, we provide premium plans for our enterprise customers as well. To learn further about how artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) powered conversational support can enhance your business lifecycle and user experience,  sign up for a demo with our product experts to learn more!