How Customer Service Dashboards Benefit Customer Service Executives, Managers and Clients

Last Updated: May 18, 2021

In this fast-changing business environment, it is critical for leaders at all levels to make the right business decisions at the right time. Thanks to the abundant availability of data today, you need not bet on assumptions. You can bet on hard numbers. And what better way than custom dashboards to process and visualize your data in the form of clear-cut insights?

What is a Customer Service Dashboard?

A customer service dashboard is an advanced solution to visualize customer service operations in a way that’s vivid and easy to understand. These dashboards are not restricted to customer service managers. Individuals across the hierarchy have different decisions to make, including customer service executives and clients. Dashboards are relevant to each one of them, with the capability to generate a 360-degree customer service view based on their unique needs and goals.

Why Do You Need Customer Service Dashboards?

  1. Opportunity: Dashboards can simplify data that is vast in attributes and quantity, giving enormous scope for business managers to identify service inefficiencies and opportunities easily.
  2. Visibility: Managers and executives can have total visibility into what’s going on in their functions. You can deal with issues as and when they occur, eliminating them before they become more serious and time-consuming.
  3. Decisiveness: Decisions shape businesses. With a lot going on in customer service, you need to differentiate what to address now and what to brush aside. Dashboards give you the conviction you need to base your actions upon.
  4. Clarity: Dashboards present data in an interactive, intuitive, and vivid manner that makes it digestible for stakeholders with any level of subject knowledge. You can view, absorb, and understand the insights with greater clarity, reducing the need for cross-functional help.
  5. Flexibility: Decision-making is highly collaborative. The easy sharing options of dashboards aid in collaboration and reduce the time-consuming physical meetings.

As individuals across the board have different decisions to make, it becomes critical for dashboards to serve their varied business needs. In essence, customer service dashboards help individuals across the board spot trends, inefficiencies, and improvement opportunities in their respective functions. They can make decisions with greater objectivity and clarity.

However, this calls for dashboards to be flexible in serving the varied goals of customer service functions. HappyFox Business Intelligence is a purpose-built customer service analytics platform designed for your flexible business needs.

How HappyFox BI Benefits Everyone in Your Value Chain

A goal of a customer service executive is different from a manager’s but equally important.Business users across various organization levels and in the customer service eco-system can leverage this tool to get unique insights based on data. Users can easily collaborate with their supervisors, leaders, and clients in the process, leading to higher efficiency and effectiveness.

Take a look at the benefits of HappyFox BI dashboards with respect to different business personas.

1. Customer Service Managers

Every customer support leader who manages support agents focuses on improving the operational efficiency and performance of the team. Hence, the support leader would primarily be interested to perform analytics and view KPI dashboards that are related to operations. HappyFox BI gives support leaders every tool they need to thoroughly analyze the support data.

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Customer Service Manager is primarily focused on improving operational performance

Benefits for Customer Service Managers 

  1. Tracking Efficiency Metrics: Going beyond the averages, analyzing the customer service metrics across various dimensions gives a support leader a good grip on how agents are performing. It involves understanding the distribution of the metrics and identifying the attributes (like category, customer, region, shift, etc) that influence the metrics. 
  2. Identifying Bottlenecks: As business processes evolve, every support leader wants to be on top of bottlenecks that might slow down their efficiency. Bottlenecks can be related to process, people, or platform, and identifying them is critical for a smooth process flow.
  3. Managing Team Members: Over time, as the support team grows, it becomes imperative for every leader to identify top performers, those who need training, optimal agents per shift, typical first call resolution and first response time, rate of backlogs, etc. HappyFox Business Intelligence tool enables them to better manage their teams with actionable insights in an easy-to-grasp format. 

2. Customer Service Executives

Executives fixate on high-level KPIs that impact the business. Customer support dashboards become a source for them to understand deeper parameters like customer pulse, trends, and potential business opportunities. HappyFox BI empowers executives to get a view on what really matters to them and take better decisions. 

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CXOs intend to be aware of high-level business metrics 

Benefits for Customer Service Executives 

  1. Detect Customer Pulse: Based on the enormous structured and unstructured data from support tickets, CXOs get insights into customer relationships. Typical inputs they look for are customer retention, customer satisfaction score (CSAT), net promoter score (NPS), and challenges in the current business process. Real-time dashboards help them map these parameters with the data available.
  2. Discover Business Opportunities: While increasing revenue is the primary goal for businesses, executives are interested in encouraging customer service teams to help existing and new customers discover their product portfolio. They can use customer service dashboards to spot important trends worth investing in. 
  3. Track Market Trends: To get a holistic perspective on the organizational goals and plans, executives ensure they are constantly aware of the market trends. Market response on newly released products, customer feedback from social media, SEO metrics, google analytics, and rising technologies in their industry are some of the typical trends dashboards can help them identify. 

3. Clients

Clients pay in order to get a product or service. Evidently, each client wants to ensure every dollar is worth spent and they get maximized returns on their investments. Covering all key performance indicators, HappyFox BI enables clients to build their own dashboard visualizations easily. Look at this customer service dashboard example.

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Tracking ROI is a key focus area for clients

Benefits for Clients

  1. Visibility on Key Metrics: Right from products to resources, every client keeps a close eye on their dollar spendings across any amount of time. Dashboards will alert them of any major fluctuations to unearth special causes. 
  2. Monitor SLA Performance: Almost all client-vendor relationships have Service Level Agreements. Clients can use dashboards in their help desk to measure current performance against each of the SLAs along with instances of deviations.
  3. Track Resource Utilization: Dashboards help clients to track percentage utilization, bandwidth issues, average time consumption, and understand the current performance by vendor customer experience teams.

Analytics Matters

The stakes involved in analytics are high. After all, it influences critical business decisions. You need a hassle-free tool to build effective dashboards and reports to avoid getting carried away by the complexity of performing analytics. With HappyFox BI, a simple yet powerful tool, organizations are empowered to leverage support analytics and prepare dashboards that are extremely relevant and valuable to everyone in your organizational ecosystem. Get a demo of HappyFox BI to accelerate your analytics journey today.