Key benefits of Customer Service Dashboards for CXOs, Support Leaders and Clients

With the exponential increase in the production of data, it is important for decision-makers to use the collected data in the right manner to make better decisions. As individuals across the organizational hierarchy have different decisions to make, it becomes critical for dashboards to serve their varied business needs.

Empower your organization with personalized dashboards

In this fast-changing business environment, it is critical for leaders at all levels to take quicker and better business decisions. This benefits the company in two major ways.

  1. Business Excellence: With increased access and availability of dashboards, managers and leaders can take decisions on the go leading to better performance. 
  2. Data-driven decisions: As data increases in coverage of attributes and quantity, it gives enormous scope for leaders to get a deeper understanding of their business and make quality decisions.

5 aspects of a great customer service dashboard

  1. Increases business Awareness: Whether it is a support lead who manages agents or CXO leading organizations, each is looking to for insights and knowledge through data.
  2. Enabling On-the-go decisions: Access to data and insights in real-time to all decision-makers is key to ensure your organization leverages data to the best. 
  3. Provides personalized views: This enables each organizational persona, like a manager, director, executive, to better understand their team’s KPIs under their scope of decision-making.
  4. Gives flexibility in reporting: As each individual is accountable for his decisions, there is always a need to share the reports with various internal and external stakeholders. 
  5. Connects to multiple data sources: With support data lying across systems like CRM, helpdesk, telephony, and more, it becomes critical for a dashboard to bring in information from multiple data sources. 

How HappyFox BI benefits everyone in your value chain

HappyFox BI is a purpose-built Business Intelligence platform that is designed for Customer Support data. Business users across the various levels of the organization and in the customer support eco-system can leverage this tool to get unique perspectives based on data. This enables each user to collaborate with their supervisors, leaders, and clients leading to higher efficiency and effectiveness.

Customer Service Manager

Every customer support leader who manages support agents focusses on improving the operational efficiency and performance of the team. Hence, the support leader would primarily be interested to perform analytics and view KPI dashboards that are related to operations. HappyFox BI gives every support leader all the tools to thoroughly analyze the support data.

Customer Service Manager is focussed on improving operational performance

The following are the benefits realized by the ‘Customer Service Manager’ persona. 

  1. Tracking efficiency Metrics: Going beyond average times, analyzing the response and resolution times through various dimensions gives a support leader a good grip on how agents are working on tickets. It involves understanding the distribution of response and resolution times, identifying attributes (like category, customer, region, shift, and so on) that may influence the response times. 
  2. Identifying Bottlenecks: As business processes change, every support leader would be looking to find those bottlenecks which are slowing down their efficiencies. It can be related to process, people, or platform, and identifying them is critical for the business. 
  3. Managing team members: Over time, as the support team matures, it becomes imperative for every leader to identify top performers, those who need training, optimal agents per shift, rate of clearing the backlog, and so on. Hence, the analytics that enables them to better manage their teams would prove to be an invaluable tool. 


Executives are focussed on the high-level KPIs that impact the business. Customer Support dashboards become a source for them to understand customer pulse, possible trends, and possible business opportunities. HappyFox BI empowers executives to get a view on what really matters to them and take faster decisions.

CXOs intend to be aware of high level business metrics

The following are the benefits realized by the ‘CXO’ persona.

  1. Detect customer pulse: Based on the enormous structured and unstructured data from support tickets, business leaders get insights into customer relationships. The voice of the customer, customer retention, customer satisfaction (CSAT), net promoter score (NPS), and challenges in the current business process are typical inputs that they look for. 
  2. Discover business opportunities: While increasing revenue is a primary goal for businesses, top executives are interested in encouraging support to help customers and leads discover their product portfolio. This helps to expand their reach to new customers. 
  3. Track market trends: To get a holistic perspective on the organization and better plan for the future, executives ensure they are constantly aware of the market trends. Market response on newly released products, customer feedback from social media, SEO metrics, google analytics, and rising technologies in their industry are some of the typical trends they are interested in. 


Clients pay in order to get a product or service. Evidently, each client wants to ensure every dollar is spent optimally and they get maximized returns on their investments. Covering all key performance indicators,  HappyFoxBI enables clients to get personalized dashboards and insights.

Tracking ROI is a key focus area for clients

The following are the benefits realized by the ‘Client’ persona.

  1. Visibility on Key Metrics: Right from products to resources, every client keeps a close eye on the dollar spendings across time. Any major fluctuations would alert them to unearth special causes. 
  2. Monitor SLA Performance: Almost all client-vendor relationships have Service Level Agreements. Clients look for current performance against each of the SLAs along with instances of deviations.
  3. Track resource utilization: Clients typically want to know the percentage utilization, get insights on bandwidth issues, and understand the current performance by the customer service team of vendors.


With HappyFox BI, organizations are empowered to leverage support analytics and prepare dashboards that are extremely relevant and valuable to each member of your organizational ecosystem. This directly results in a better customer experience.

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