Live chat software for Salesforce – 4 benefits of integrating

So you have your team onboarded onto Salesforce and you’re trying to figure out how a live chat solution fits into the picture. This post will explain how HappyFox Chat integrates with Salesforce and why you should enable the integration.

Why you should link your live chat data with Salesforce

Live chat has a few distinct advantages over other channels when it comes to nurturing your leads.

  1. Track all your lead activity inside Salesforce. If a lead is in the prospecting stage where they are evaluating your product, they might run into road blocks or want their doubts clarified over live chat. Tracking chat transcripts as activity inside Salesforce allows you keep tabs on your lead and intervene quickly if they face any blockers.
  2. Assign leads to your best sales rep based on context. You can often gain context about what solution a lead is interested based on their chat data. Use chat data in combination with Salesforce’s assignment rules to ensure your leads are assigned to the most suitable sales rep.
  3. Keep your support team in sync. The sales process need not be restricted to one team in your company. Often, a buying decision is based on the overall impression of a company, including the support experience. Providing contextual data to your support team means they can help your leads better.
  4. Get the benefit of a web form without coding. While Salesforce web forms can be powerful, it often requires a lot of upfront effort in setting it up. You can collect similar information using pre-chat fields in a live chat widget. A good live chat widget is mobile responsive and available on all pages of your website.

Since live chat often becomes the most preferred channel of communication for your website visitors, it is important to sync your live chat data with Salesforce.

How HappyFox Chat enriches your sales pipeline

HappyFox Chat provides an industry leading integration with Salesforce including some features that are not offered by any other live chat provider.

Two way sync of contact data with Salesforce
HappyFox Chat pushes all details about a website visitor including their contact information and other metadata as a Salesforce lead or contact. It also pulls information from Salesforce when a visitor initiates a chat, so that your agents have all the context about a potential prospect.

Flexible lead management workflow
There are a number of options offered by the Salesforce integration that allow you to tailor your workflow to your need. You can choose to create a lead or contact automatically for every chat initiated. If you don’t prefer that, you can create a lead or contact manually using chat commands. You can also customize if the chat transcript is stored as an activity or a case.

Sync UTM parameters
HappyFox Chat provides first class support for syncing UTM parameters to Salesforce fields. You can map UTM parameters to different fields in Salesforce to track your source, medium and campaign among other fields. You can measure your ROI by attributing your leads to the right sources automatically.

Sync data to Salesforce custom fields
This is the bonus level. Using HappyFox Workflows for Salesforce and HappyFox Chat custom fields, you can record any number of custom fields about your visitor and map it to custom fields inside Salesforce. You can also use HappyFox Chat’s Webhooks feature along with Zapier to get this done, but that is for a different post.

Hope that gave you an idea about how HappyFox Chat can help improve your sales process with the Salesforce integration. You can reach out to us at if you have any questions about the Salesforce integration.