Preview: New HappyFox Chat Mobile App

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

We’re all set to roll out the New HappyFox Chat Mobile App in the next few days and here’s a quick preview into some of the coolest new live chat features around! 

Multiple Chats, At Your Fingertips: 

An All-New easy access chat header. See all your active chat conversations in one place. One tap on any of these and you’re in a different conversation. Chats also notify you when you’ve got any unread messages on any of your active chats.  

Monitoring a live chat? We’ve got you covered. An agent image within indicates when you’re viewing a monitored chat. Staying on top of all of your chats, couldn’t have been easier! 

New HappyFox Chat: Multi Chat Header

Transfer Chats: Across Departments And Agents. 

Transferring a chat to the most relevant support agent, couldn’t be more intuitive. With New HappyFox Chat Mobile App – You can quickly transfer an active chat, to one of your available Chat support agents, regardless of which department they are in. 

Tap on the transfer chat button, within the chat screen, to access a list of available agents and departments. Tap again to Confirm Transfer and get notified once your chat has been accepted. It’s that simple! 

Queued Chats: Know What’s Coming Your Way! 

Viewing the list of chats in the queue is the best way for you to know what’s coming up, next! A swipe left from the bezel of your Mobile Device lists all the chats waiting for you to pick up next. 

Note: Requires Queueing Enabled. Choose the right plan for you – Click here.

New HappyFox Chat: Queued Chats

Agent Dashboard: All Agents. One View. 

An Agents Option in the bottom navigation pane on any screen provides instant access to the Agents dashboard. The Agent dashboard gives you a quick glimpse into all your available support agents, visitors and active chats, across your account. 

The Agents dashboard also provides intuitive information into agents who are available to take chats and those who are away, letting you plan for availability well in advance. 

All of this and much more make the New HappyFox Chat Mobile App, one of the best Live Chat Software around! Keep watching this space for more updates!