Seasonal Changes And Customer Support: Tailoring Strategy To Suit The Holiday Season

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

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Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is well and truly upon us. The supermarket shelves are groaning under the weight of the Christmas goodies, the airwaves have been taken over by Slade and John Lennon singing their odes to the season and there’s an air of cheer and glee all around.

Seasonal change also means a change in how we go about our jobs in the customer service industry. With the holiday season closing in, the holiday season warrant a slight change in approach.

  1. We have just seen the back of Thanksgiving and let’s take that as an indicator. Let’s make it the time to say surprise our customers and thank them for their custom. Maybe even send them a surprise gift for the season, why not!
  2. While we are at it, it is also time to ask our customers for their feedback. Are they happy with the level and quality of service afforded to them? How can we serve them better? And, if they are happy with the customer service, then can they give a testimonial? Expansive moods and seasonal bonhomie brought on by the season are excellent times for client testimonials. But make sure you keep these pointers in mind whilst you do. [pullquote]…’tis the season to create a social media buzz![/pullquote]
  3. Is it time for new campaigns? Or maybe sending out direct action emails to the vast pool of customers and potentials, touching base and reminding them how awesome we are? According to this Eloqua report, the holiday season is ripe for some well-time B2B marketing opportunities.
  4. What about the sales team? The season is also a great time for them to get their foot in through the door and get that awesome sales pitch in. You know, before the next quarter’s budget gets nailed down? [pullquote]….’tis the season to shine a spotlight on your team![/pullquote]
  5. Social media is always the place where something exciting is happening and getting our seasonal buzz on ahead, before everyone and his uncle gets on it will help us get ahead of the noise.
  6. Quieter times don’t mean times a’wasting. A slower period just means the time is ripe for some good training sessions and internal team building outings. [pullquote]…’tis the season to say thank you![/pullquote]
  7. In many companies, the holiday season also might mean less agents around and so, more automation. Now might be a good time to set things up so they roll out like clock work.
  8. ‘Tis the season to shine the spotlight on your hardworking team. A behind-the-scenes look at how your customer support team goes about its average day is a great idea. Or maybe even a chance for them to visit the developer’s team and get to know the minds that make the products they provide support for. And vice versa.[pullquote]…’tis the season to train your team![/pullquote]
  9. It is also the time to keep up with the trends. Many marketing strategists eye the end of the year as great times to come up with a great Twitter campaign or two. Even if it is not directly related to our industry, a smart cookie can always find a way to subtly translate it and make use of it.

So what are your business plans for the holidays? What strategies do you employ during the holiday season? Share with us in the comments section below!