Six HappyFox hacks that can save your day

Last Updated: April 23, 2023

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HappyFox has always been the intuitive and friendly help desk software that gave you all the right features that were required for you to conquer the concept of customer service. But within the realms of this help desk software are some really cool features that you might not have possibly noticed or used.

So here is a quick look at six cool lesser-known features of your favorite help desk.

1. Using Advanced Search to set custom landing pages

HappyFox has an extremely powerful Advanced Search feature for you to look for just about anything within your ticket list. But did you know that you can create a custom search, save the search under a name and set that as your landing page?

  • It is extremely simple. For instance, search for something specific using the Advanced Search feature.
  • Save the search under a specific name
  • Go to MySettings on the top right corner of your HappyFox screen
  • Change your landing page to the saved search.

You have your own customized search showing up every time you log into HappyFox. With this, you can set custom landing pages. For example, you can have a landing page that shows an in-depth search like All tickets tagged as ‘Urgent’ from your VIP customers that is due today and are unresponded.

2. Contact groups based on domain name

HappyFox lets you create contact groups. But what most people never know is that you can create a custom contact group that automatically adds new contacts to it based on the domain.

For example, if you create a contact group called Google Contacts and add ‘’ under the domain name column, every new contact you add that has an email ID with ‘’ will get automatically added to Custom groups. Genius, isn’t it? Here’s how you do it.

  • Go to Contacts and add a new contact group or edit a previous contact group
  • Add your domain name in the domain name column
  • Save settings and you are all done

3. Keyboard Shortcuts

HappyFox is all about simplifying your work. Here are a bunch of useful keyboard shortcuts you never knew existed. If you think you might forget these, no cause for worry. Just go to your ticket reply page, click anywhere in the area outside the Update field and hit ‘h’ on your keyboard and the keyboard shortcuts are yours to see.

4. Exclusive support to premium customers with customer custom field

Have a set of customers that are really important to you that require a special priority? With Custom contact fields, you can tag specific contacts as Premium contacts and set separate priorities, SLAs and assignment rules for them.

  • Go to Manage→ Contact fields. Create new contact field
  • Create a field with a name of your choice, for example ‘VIP Customer’, leave the ‘Depends on’ as blank and change the Type to ‘Dropdown’.
  • Click ‘Add Option’ and type ‘Yes’. Hit the green plus button on the side to add another option and add ‘No’
  • Change ‘Compulsory’ to No.
  • Now every contact you create will give you an option to tag as a VIP Customer or not

Creating Smart Rules based on Contact fields

Now you can create specific conditions for these VIP contacts.

  • Go to Smart Rules. Add a new smart rule with the plus sign at the bottom
  • In Conditions tab, go to customer specific conditions at the bottom of the drop down.
  • You will find the option ‘VIP Customer’.
  • Now change the condition to If VIP Customer is YES
  • Add any function like a new SLA or a new priority or auto-assignment

Give personalized and swift customer service to your priority customers with no effort.

5. Use tags for search, auto-assignment and smart rules for creating tags

You might be getting the same kind of ticket from multiple customers for password reset and you might have only one admin staff doing that job. With Smart Rules, you can create a rule saying that any incoming message with the word ‘Password’ in its body or subject, be tagged with ‘Password reset’.

Now you can also search for such tickets with tags, have them auto assigned to that single admin member in your team and save a lot of time and effort spent in triaging tickets for your support function.

  • Go to Smart Rules and create new smart rule
  • If ‘Last Customer Message’ contains ‘Password’, tag it with ‘Password reset’.
  • Save Smart Rule and try Advanced search with this tag
  • Create a similar Smart Rule where If ‘Last Customer Message’ contains ‘Password’, assign it to ‘XYZ Admin’

6. Augmenting Round-robin Auto-assignment using Smart Rules

HappyFox has a round-robin assignment feature that ensures no ticket is ever left unassigned. In case you want to supercede that round-robin, you can use Smart Rules to create a condition that if there is an unassigned ticket, it should get assigned to a specific support staff member in your team.

  • Go to the Smart Rules tab and create a new smart rule with the plus sign at the bottom
  • Under conditions, create a rule saying If Status IS New
  • Under function, add what this rule should do. For example, Assign ticket to XYZ staff member.
  • Now any new ticket even if the Round Robin is enabled, will be assigned to the staff member mentioned above.