Strengthen your customer. With robust Self service portal

Last Updated: April 4, 2021

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The days of Support agent → Customer model of customer service are behind us. Customers find data input to be tedious. Voice calls and mails have taken the backseat and self service has begun to take precedence.

Self service is not just a method to off load your support agents. It is an efficient method to develop a sense of empowerment with customers looking for support. HappyFox self service portal consists of a knowledge base, an FAQ section and a Community forum.

End long waiting periods

Consider two scenarios. One – Typing a long mail, waiting for a response and then even longer for a resolution. Two – Finding a quick and simple solution from the self service portal.

If a customer is looking to reset his password, he could either log onto your website, find your help desk number, call and provide details and wait for until the person at the other end resets the password. Or he could go to your comprehensive self service portal, type ‘Password reset’, view the related article and reset it himself in a matter of a minute.

Deliver deep and engaging knowledge content

A thorough knowledge base section encourages customers to find their own solutions. HappyFox allows images, videos and even screencasts. Good visuals and clear instructions are any day a better solution than a voice call or an email.

Visuals give more depth and makes it easier for customers to understand things, instead of over the phone or by looking at screenshots in the mail.

Enable customer collaboration

Now, customers not only help themselves but also help other customers with similar problems.Customers can either refer to the Knowledge Base or discuss with another customer on a forum to resolve their issue.

If your customers are looking to buy your product but need a little more clarification, they need not call you or mail their queries. They can just log into the forum, see the words of other customers, gather feedback and discuss details with them before proceeding to buy your product. This enables customer to assist one another and also improves customer relationships.

Larger opportunities for customer involvement

A customer can submit a ticket, check status and even add a note to his ticket, all from the HappyFox self service portal. HappyFox self service software provides a really simple form for adding your issues which your customers can track later and also add replies.

Self-service gives your customers the freedom to take complete ownership of their support needs.

  • Reduce support cost and time
  • Increase customer involvement
  • Add videos/screenshots for better visuals.
  • Reduce incoming ticket flow