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Understanding SLA Performance Report

Service Level Agreements (SLA) provide assurance to your customers with regard to the efficiency and capability of your support team. Providing quick and timely responses to your customers can result in excellent CSAT scores and better customer retention. A survey by crmbuyer.com says that 52% of customers believe that a fast response is key to good customer experience. Another research shows that customers are willing to pay more for super-fast responses to their queries.

HappyFox allows you to track various metrics that are crucial to customer satisfaction. These measurable metrics range from the time taken by your support team for answering a customer query to the time taken to close a ticket. They are readily available for viewing in the “SLA Performance Report” in the Reports section.

SLA Performance Report
SLA Performance Report

“SLA Performance Report” gives you an overview of the configured SLAs in context of the chosen custom report. If you wish to see how your SLAs have performed against all tickets, you can choose “All Tickets” report and navigate to this section. Besides SLA name, the “SLA Performance Report” lists

  • the number of tickets that were validated against this SLA 
  • the number of tickets that did not satisfy the enforced SLA
  • target compliance goal (in percentage)
  • actual compliance percentage (tickets that satisfied the enforced SLA)

This real-time report enables you to tangibly evaluate the efficiency of your support team using relevant metrics. Besides being able to view the report, HappyFox also allows you to download it in both .csv and .xlsx formats.This detailed report gives a list of all the tickets (corresponding to custom report chosen) along with

  • details on how many times each of the configured SLAs have breached against every individual ticket
  • additional details about the ticket like subject, assignee, status, and priority.

“SLA Performance Report” is one of the many readily available reports in HappyFox that helps you measure and analyze the productivity of your support team.  Do you wish to know more about HappyFox reports? Are you interested in learning more about how HappyFox can help your organization meet its SLA goals? 

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