Creating Knowledge Base Videos: 6 Easy Steps to Create Videos

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world. Yes, second! Surprisingly, a video sharing platform is doubling up as a search engine. It is because people find it easier to understand things when the information comes in an audio-visual source. And this is precisely why a video knowledge base is essential. 

It has become extremely easy for your customers to watch short video content that solves their problem, in comparison to reading a 4000-word article that reminds them of the instruction manual for their old Sony Television. 

Benefits of adding video to knowledge base articles

Creating videos for your self-service articles has a lot of advantages to them, and we are listing down a few for you! (Because that’s what friends do)

  • Videos help save a lot of time for your support crew: Of course, there are a set of FAQs that your support team answers every day. So much so that on Saturday night, Greg from Support proposed a game of “Have a shot every time you had to answer this common question”  and your entire support crew went home on their knees. If only there was a video to answer that question, everybody would’ve had a very sober night, and you would’ve been blamed.
  • Videos make it easier for your customers to learn: Imagine you’re channeling your inner Michael Jackson and trying to learn ‘The Moonwalk’, but the only medium of instruction is an 18-page document titled “How to do the moonwalk”. There is a chance that you might eventually burn the dance floor but the success rate would be much lower than if you had seen a video tutorial on how to do it. Similarly, when your customer visually sees how to make a particular change or has a walkthrough of your product, it makes it easier for them to solve their problem.
  • Videos are available all the time (24×7): If a customer is panicking about solving a particular problem and your entire support staff is offline, your customer can easily watch the video on your YouTube channel or Knowledge base article to quickly get to the bottom of their problem instead of writing an angry review about your product. Unlike your support staff, the videos do not take off on weekends or pretend to be sick and go to Disneyland.
  • Videos can be shared and embedded anywhere easily: After you’ve made your incredible video and hosted it on a video-hosting service like YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia, it is extremely easy to embed it on your Article. It takes anywhere between 3 and 5 clicks to embed the video to your knowledge base content. That’s faster than instant noodles!

Pain-points of creating videos

Apart from these awesome points, we’re pretty sure some worries pop up in your head about video content and if it actually works out for your customer support use case. So, we have written down a few other points that will give you more clarity about video articles. 

  • Videos are time-consuming to make: Clicking the Publish button on a video takes more time to click than publishing an article, and that’s why you need to know what content of yours needs a video. Instead of creating longer videos, try focusing on creating videos that are a quick watch, and solves a very particular problem. And no, typing the URL of your website in the address bar to take the customer to your homepage doesn’t require a video (it doesn’t require a Knowledge Base article also).
  • Videos cannot be updated instantly: Unlike an article, a video cannot be easily edited. If there is a change, then the entire video needs to be redone to not confuse the customer even further. So it is better to create videos for things that do not change frequently.
  • Videos may become expensive to produce: Creating videos does cost some money. To create an appealing video, you might need a bunch of things, right from a video camera and light rigs to audio recording equipment and a graphics artist. This will give you excellent videos and might double as marketing material, but it will cost some dough. But, if you just looking to address your customers’ problems and solve them quickly, there is a much cheaper way to create a decent knowledge base video.

How to create a knowledge base video for free?

To create simple, basic tutorial/walkthrough videos that just show your web product, you would need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Create the video script: Writing scripts can become a task sometimes. Use your existing knowledge base articles as your video script and avoid going back and forth between the content writing team. (If you just want a reason to speak to them, just ask them for a new script, content writers are awesome)
  2. Record your screen: Your customers would rather like to see your product on their screen instead of Greg’s face (even though Greg has the most charming face). A screen recording helps the customer visually spot and make corrections to their problem. You can record your screen using free software like Quicktime and aPowersoft.
  3. Record your audio: Even though this step is entirely avoidable by merely adding captions; voice-overs are recommended as they bring a human touch to your video. Also, it is absolutely simple to record audio. To record your audio, use headphones that have an inbuilt microphone, that’s all! When recording a voice-over talk in a calm, slower-than-usual tone like how you would speak to your angry partner. Provide detailed commentary of things that you’re doing while performing the task. This would help the customer focus on where the changes are happening.
  4. Edit your video: How are you supposed to do something that has it’s own Academy Award Category! Basic video editing is much simpler than you imagine. Use free video editing software like iMovie or Hitfilm Express to edit any of your mistakes out and add some classy transitions and captions. You’re almost there!
  5. Host your video: First of all, congratulations that you have made a video! Now it’s time to host it. Host your video free of cost on your YouTube channel. And guess what? YouTube will give you the embed code that you have to add to your article.
  6. Do your happy dance: Now that you successfully have the video on your article, do the happy dance! Just letting you know, our happy dance is the dab. 🕺🏻

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P.S. This entire blog also could’ve been a video, but as we mentioned above, hitting the publish button on an article is easier 😉

  • Chintan is a Video Producer at HappyFox and a big fan of comedy. Chintan also types a lot in the third person.