Omni-Channel Support: How HappyFox Lets You Win at It!

Last Updated: April 4, 2021

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We’ve all heard the maxim “jack of all trades, master of none.” For years, this has been the case with customer support. A business could provide great telephone support or prompt email responses, but continuing a support ticket across channels? Mastering every support channel? Forget it!

Sadly, many customer support departments make it difficult for customers to have a seamless support experience. Some customers have to create a profile or repeat basic information every time they contact support. This creates grumpy, dissatisfied customers- the last thing any customer-centered business wants.

Now imagine creating a service ticket for an inquiry thread that spans Facebook, email, live chat, and phone support. With HappyFox’s omnichannel support capabilities, you can keep it simple and master every channel.

Eliminate redundancy

Redundant interactions are one of the biggest complaints among customers, support agents, and management. It annoys customers and bogs down support staff. Nobody likes repeating themselves, and yet these customer support redundancies are everywhere.

HappyFox’s ticketing system creates customer profiles that detail where previous interactions left off, issues that have been resolved, and issues that remain to be resolved. So as much as we all love formalities and fact-finding, HappyFox streamlines these processes to help resolve issues fast.

Integrate common channels

HappyFox reduces support-level redundancies by monitoring and integrating information from 5 common support channels. Besides increasingly popular self-support tools like the knowledge base, customers expect support via email, live chat, phone calls, mobile, and social channels. Many companies have problems managing these channels in one location and keeping consistent.

Customer support of the past would offer phone only, and mediocre email support. The same is happening today- only businesses hedge their bets poorly on two or three separate support channels. HappyFox allows the customer to dictate where support happens, not the other way around.

Encourage your support to evolve

With HappyFox, you never need to purchase other support features as your support channels diversify. When you add live chat capabilities, HappyFox scales up with you. If you create a company Facebook page, HappyFox helps you monitor and integrate it. Omni-channel support isn’t an exclusive feature for the big dogs. Even if you don’t have the manpower for diversified support- don’t worry. When the time comes for you to scale up, HappyFox works with your needs for seamless omnichannel support.

Work as a team on your terms

Your customer support software should encourage teamwork, not create division and confusion. HappyFox helps you coordinate with your entire team for custom support ticketing processes. You dictate how your support software works for you so you’re never stuck in a box with HappyFox.

Remember, when you win at omnichannel support, everybody wins. More importantly: your customers win. People remember consistent, outstanding service. And now it’s never been easier to do just that. Omnichannel support isn’t just an industry buzzword- it’s an expectation.

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