3 Methods To Nailing Remote IT Support 

Last Updated: April 23, 2023

Managing a remote workforce varies across companies depending on the size of the workforce, culture, and approach to remote work. When working remotely, it’s important to recognize prevalent concerns including isolation and lack of supervision. The loss of productivity was a key concern for most companies when it came to working remotely. As a result, having a predetermined plan can assist in addressing the issues.

IT support includes assisting or resolving issues with computer systems, software, cloud services, networks, and infrastructure, among other things. The IT Support team is responsible for resolving current IT concerns as well as developing preventative actions to avoid future IT problems.

Top 3 methods to step up your remote IT game

As we try to make sense of the aftermath of the pandemic, it becomes clear that technology is transforming every area of our lives, including how, when, and where we work. Here’s a list of our top three methods to assist your team in nailing your IT support skills.

  1. Facilitate Self- Service

Self-service allows employees to access help without human intervention. Messaging apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams have exploded in popularity because they make it simple for employees to stay connected throughout the day. To assist employees with repetitive and basic questions, it is important to have a self-service portal with a knowledge base and FAQ repository. Ticket deflection powered by self-service can help you reduce ticket volume. Assist AI can automatically respond to repetitive questions with answers from your internal knowledge base. Increased ticket deflection leads to decreased operational costs and improved employee experience.

  1. Be Available 24×7 

Your agents definitely require a break. However, self-service portals do not. Assist AI is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist staff. Having 24×7 support will give your employees the confidence that someone is on the other end of the line to assist them. It’s not only about technical assistance; it’s also about connectivity. These AI-backed digital agents like Assist AI can provide real-time ticket notifications and replies to employees no matter what time zone they are catering to, without raising staff headcount. 

  1. Improve productivity with reduced interruptions

Assist AI is developed to help IT support and operations teams perform at their best. Rather than transferring to email or a self-service portal, your employees can now stay on Slack and get their questions answered immediately. Agent productivity and CSAT score improve with less context changes. Employees can provide feedback on the quality of Assist AI’s responses, allowing the AI-model to learn and improve over time.

Ease up IT support with HappyFox Assist AI

When all successful businesses are embracing digital transformation, failing to use AI to optimise your IT management operations might stifle your company’s growth. With Self-Learning powered by AI, it gives the IT Support team the power to automate routine ticket resolution. It also ensures tracking customer support threads to ensure process compliance.. Schedule a one-on-one meeting with our Assit AI specialists to understand how an AI powered solution can make managing your remote team better.