How Assist AI uses artificial intelligence to provide seamless internal query resolution 

Last Updated: June 3, 2022

As a company or organization grows, so does the frequency and volume of internal queries to the IT, HR, and Operations departments. While a lot of companies tackle this rise in requests by increasing the size of their internal support teams, it might not be the most feasible solution. Solving this problem requires an integration of knowledge management, collaboration, and new technology like AI. HappyFox’s Assist AI is an AI-driven conversational ticketing tool used for internal query resolution. In this article, we’re going to explore how Assist AI, which is backed by a powerful algorithm, makes knowledge management and delivery easier with modern technology. 

How can AI make internal issue resolution better?

There are two important components to an AI-led collaboration and issue resolution tool like Assist AI: Ensuring storage of relevant knowledge and encouraging users to utilize the app. By maintaining and updating knowledge sources that are created using best practices, you ensure that Assist AI has the correct information to train its AI. App proliferation is an important aspect of getting a more accurate response because higher user engagement gives us more useful data to train, recognize, and learn patterns. 

Solving the internal query problem requires an integration of knowledge management, collaboration, and new technology like AI.

1. Streamlining knowledge sources

Assist AI connects with a variety of knowledge sources and uses a combination of AI and NLP to surface the correct information when a question is raised or a request is made. However, is it important to note that the quality of content in the knowledge base will determine how relevant the answer is. We advocate for the use of a well-managed and up-to-date knowledge source to extract the value from our product. Moreover, with an increase in questions asked and feedback received, we use ML to train our AI to give better recommendations and answers. 

2. Cuts down on human intervention

IT and HR teams are often inundated with repetitive questions from new and seasoned employees alike. This keeps them from their other tasks, which are often more important. In an ever-changing environment, an AI-led tool like Assist AI can complement human agents in most cases. It can understand the intent behind a question using NLP, use ML to suggest questions based on user feedback, and give relevant answers by using a well-constructed knowledge base in tandem with AI technology. Your IT and HR teams will now be able to devote time to bigger issues and tasks as more employees choose to engage in conversational self-service. They will only have to intervene when Assist AI cannot solve a query and a ticket is created. 

3. Understand the context and improve over time

As a collaboration and knowledge-reliant solution, Assist AI focuses on training itself with data and gets better equipped to handle questions over time. To best use this internal issue resolution tool, a well-maintained and regularly updated knowledge base can be a game-changer. Eventually, continuous learning will ensure you get more accurate results over time.

Gain competitive advantage with Assist AI

Be an early adopter of AI and ML in internal issue resolution and see how the saved time, resources, and effort help your business succeed. Intelligent information search, retrieval, and updating can help break down knowledge silos, making information easily accessible and drastically improving overall productivity. With an improved knowledge management system, leverage Assist AI to enable your team to self-serve, and empower your support staff to get more done without repetitive distractions. Learn how you can ease knowledge exploration and retrieval with modern technologies like Natural Language Processing backed AI that is adopted by Assist AI by booking a one-on-one meeting with our product specialists.