Assist AI for Automated Issue Resolution and Improved HR Processes 

Last Updated: May 12, 2022

The role of HR professionals in today’s workspace is very different from that of a decade ago. In addition to their regular responsibilities of hiring of new employees and retention of employees, they have taken up a more strategic role. Now more than ever, standard HR functions that include handling repetitive queries about leave requests, offboarding, paychecks, appraisals, performance reviews, and other such manual tasks are time-consuming and a deterrent to organizational productivity. 

Common challenges faced by the HR Support Team

HR support teams face a host of challenges. While some of them are bound to happen, there are few, that are easily avoidable by stakeholders if they avoid intelligent AI-driven HR workflow solutions. 

1. Repetitive questions by employees

Often, the HR department is inundated with repetitive questions from both seasoned employees and new hires ranging from questions regarding their vacation time to the insurance policies. This has a negative effect on HR employees by giving them less time to spend on other important tasks, like improving the recruitment process and performance management, that require their immediate attention. 

2. Lack of actionable data

When all questions and concerns are being addressed by human agents, it is difficult to maintain a repository of questions asked and their frequency and urgency. Relying on manual processes serves as a roadblock to decision making and improving the existing Knowledge Base or other resources, while also keeping open the possibility of human error.

How Assist AI helps to improve productivity and reduce the workload of HR support teams

While there are solutions such as email, communication apps or platforms, and knowledge base portals, they are not the most efficient options, especially in today’s world where remote work is on the rise. The need of the hour is something that leverages AI and automation to manage employee queries, letting them self-serve solutions while improving engagement and productivity. One such example is HappyFox’s Assist AI, an HR automation software that functions within Slack and Microsoft Teams, which lets your HR team focus on tasks that actually require their valuable input instead of answering frequently asked questions. 

1. Deflect repetitive tickets with AI

Your HR process will no longer revolve around answering the same questions over and over again. Assist AI utilizes AI and your KB to answer these questions, deflecting and reducing ticket volume. This can have a positive impact on your operational costs and employee satisfaction. You can now focus on other aspects of your company without shouldering the burden of HR responsibilities that require answering FAQs about the employee onboarding process, employee benefits, offboarding, and much more.

2. Provide solutions directly within Slack or Teams

Today, most conversations between employees and the HR teams happen on Slack or Microsoft Teams. That is why it is often difficult to get employees to use an external KB to address their requests. By providing solutions on a platform they are comfortable with, Assist AI reduces context-switching, streamlines human resource management, and fosters an improved employee experience. 

3. Real-time resolution or escalation to agents

With Assist AI, you don’t have to worry about decentralization of information or about your HR team losing all contact with the employees. It automatically triages your employee requests and answers most of them in real-time without any human intervention. In case it is unable to provide a satisfactory answer, there is an option to escalate it to an agent, via notifications through the helpdesk app, who can provide more directed help. 

4. Leverage data to improve your HR operations

Assist AI also gives you access to data on employee interactions, what the questions are, their frequency, and feedback provided. The advanced Machine Learning and AI models on this HR automation tool can help you improve your KB system and keep your employees better informed with fast and accurate answers, improving your business in the long run. You don’t have to rely solely on manual data entry and cluttered spreadsheets, helping you improve your HR management operations.

Help your HR Team Save Time, Effort, and Money while you Improve Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

As the workplace is evolving, the HR support department should undergo a digital transformation too. Adopting solutions like Assist AI, which is proficient with HR process automation, can help you bring about a positive impact on its overall functioning by clearing up a time to be spent on repetitive tasks to focus on activities that require a human touch. Assist AI offers free plans and also premium plans for enterprise customers. To know more about the benefits of Assist AI to encourage employee self-service and hassle-free HR systems, schedule a one-on-one call with our product specialists.